Extraordinary Occurrence Involving Insects by Rudy Martin


Summary: Woke up under protective net to a swarm of hundreds of large cockroaches, about 1 inch or longer, crawling and flying chaotically in the bedroom. In another incident the toilet bowl was covered entirely with thousands of tiny harmless black ants.


It was probably in 1973 or 74 when these occurrences happened. I came home for vacation with my parents and family. I was given the room which my father had added to the old house while I was a young man, student and living with them. Most people in that country commonly sleep under a net, about 7x4x4 feet, as protection against insects. On my first night I woke up to hear some buzzing sound just outside the net. I already knew it was the sound of flying cockroaches. The ceiling lamp had a switch to which was attached a long pull cord which hanged down on the net and right beside the bed. In the darkness of the room, I carefully grabbed the pull cord under the net and turned on the lamp. My goodness ... a swarm of hundreds of large cockroaches, about one inch or longer, were chaotically crawling and flying outside the net, on the net and all over the room. Some were already crawling on my arm while I was reaching for the cord and some had already entered the net! Now one of the insects that creep me out is large cockroaches. These insects fly like brainless crazy idiots and land anywhere including a person's body and then crawl under your clothes. I don't even want to imagine this happening to me! Upon seeing this swarm of these pests, I ran like hell out of the net, and outside the room. I ended up in the driveway swatting off these pests that were already crawling on my arms and shirt and crushing them on the floor. I think I slept in my car if not in a motel that night. In the morning after this incident everybody saw the cockroaches which trapped themselves in the net and those I had crushed on the floor. I exchanged room with my younger brother during the rest of my vacation. He wasn't bothered even by one large cockroach.

My brother was the most previous occupant of that room and said he had never seen that kind of cockroach frolic. Also, the room had been rented out previously before and there had been no such complaints from the tenants. So I have no idea why me?


Another time, also during my visit there, I was about to use the toilet. As I entered the bathroom the toilet was covered entirely with thousands of tiny black ants. This is the ant species that inhabits homes. They are harmless and would feast on spills of sweet food such as syrups, candies, beverages, etc. I did my bathroom business somewhere else then came back in less than 3 minutes to check if I should spray them with insecticide. The swarm had gone, not a trace of one of them left. If this had been the normal migration of these ants, they would have moved on to their next site in orderly way, like a caravan or convoy and very slowly. I would have seen where they were going. But this swarm just disappeared without a trace within less than 3 minutes.



Shadow Of An Unseen Figure Beside Me by Rudy Martin



Summary: Shadow of human figure cast on leaves of a tree by yellow light without light source.

This incident occurred in 1972 or 73 while living with my parents at the time. At my leisure, I enjoyed climbing up the roof of the old house at night. Part of the roof over one of the bedrooms was A shaped, like an inverted trough. I would lay my back on the incline of this A, gaze at the stars and feel the cool breeze brush against my arms. A few yards from here, there was a tree. I would usually see its leaves waving and swaying, as if smiling happily with the breeze. One night I was at this usual spot, gazing at the stars that littered the moonless sky when a light lit on the tree as though beamed from a distant source behind the
A. It was like the light from the headlamp of a vehicle. I stood up and looked at where the light had come from. It was impossible for a vehicle light to reach up that high past the roof and on to the tree. Well, I thought, there was always a possibility that a car just happened to beam its lights up there. So the night just passed by like any other.

I was again up on the roof one night, again enjoying the view. Again a light lit on the tree. It was the same kind of light which appeared to have been beamed from behind my back, but this time a shadow appeared on the tree. It was that of a short human figure, more like a dwarf with tangles of what appeared to be the cloth strips or gauze on a mummy. The shadow walked down from the tip of the A, bow-legged as if climbing down a mountain, then disappeared into the shadow of the roof on the tree. From the position of both the shadow of the figure and that of the roof on the tree, it appears that the figure, what ever it was, had climbed down from the top of the A on the roof, walked past beside my left arm and down the roof. But I saw nobody climb down the incline of the A and walk past beside me. I just saw its shadow on the tree.

C:  Older Generations always warn us to never look up at trees at night.  You might be greeted by the unknown.  If you are lucky you are safe. If you are not....  then good luck and pray hard.



Supernatural Camera? by Rudy Martin


Summary: Flashes of lights without light sources seen in dark hallways.

Sometime in 1971, a devastating typhoon had just passed by the city. There was a power outage but business had to be as usual. I can't recall any longer why I had to be at the building of this telephone company where I had worked years before. I had just entered the door when one of the payroll clerks recognized me. He knew my name but asked me to confirm anyway, and said that I had some back wages from the union labor strike of which I used to be a member. The elevator was shut, so we went down several long steps and as we walked into the dark hallways towards the payroll office, lights flashed behind corners ahead of us just like those from a camera. I thought the flashes were from sparks from electrical shorts in the building, so I asked the man if electric repairs were in progress. He replied no way and said they were temporarily using kerosene lamps for light. Apparently, he did not see the light flashes behind those many dark corners! I got a pretty sum of union back wages that day for a labor strike some 4 or 5 years before!

Chanel:  Don't forget to say EEEEKS.



The Typewritter by Rudy Martin


Summary: Electric typewriter carriage moved by itself. Deep voice heard.

This incident, which I will never forget, happened sometime in 1970. I was working for an engineering office at the time. I came from my office on the other side of the compound and entered this administrative office to see and talk to one of the staff. Everyone had left to lunch so I sat for a while, trying to decide whether to sit longer and wait or leave and call for a meeting with that person later. I decided to leave. As I was walking past one of the tables, the carriage of the electric typewriter sitting on it suddenly and by itself shifted to the left, then back to its neutral position on the right. Out of curiosity, I tinkered a little bit with the typewriter to see why it moved by itself. I confirmed to myself that there were only two things that could move the carriage to the left: depress the tab key or depress the space bar. The carriage could return to its neutral right position only by hand. Could there have been an electrical malfunction? I watched for a little bit longer to see what else the typewriter would be doing. It stood as still as it should, and did nothing!

As I was about to leave the door, I was making a mental note so I wouldn't forget to call this person later but I just couldn't remember his name. I had worked with him as one of the staff too long to forget his name. In fact, I definitely was planning to see this person by name when I entered the office. But at this point I just couldn't remember it no matter how hard I tried. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice say the name of the person. It was a very deep, low-toned mellow voice (just like a distant deep low tone thunder). This incident happened on the day of the Equinox.

Chanel: He should be grateful that the typewritter didn't go flying in his face.


Transported Supernaturally? by Rudy Martin

Summary: I appeared on the other side of the highway without crossing the highway. Hotel building seen turning 90 degrees.

The preceding true story occurred sometime between 1970 and 1971. It is as accurate as it can be from my recollection of the bewildering incident but quite a long story to float in the web, so in summary, I traveled from point A through 7 or 8 miles of massive obstructions to point B not by any known means of human transportation. The details are contained in the story. Up to this writing I still do not have any scientific or practical ideas or explanations of how I was transported. Do not anticipate any drug, liquor, disease or illness being involved in this incredibly wonderful occurrence because truly, there was none. I was in my late twenties, very healthy in mind and body and all other aspects at the time. Unfortunately there was no internet then. I did not have my own computer until late in 2001 and had noticed the world wide popularity of the websites devoted to the paranormal in the internet only recently. Hence, the reason this very old story of wonder is indeed still very young these days in the websites.

There are not enough words for me to prove the truth of this story. I can only wish you had been there with me. This occurrence will give an idea of the prodigious way to travel from point A to point B. I drove out to work one day. It was one of those usual clear, sunny mornings and everything was normal except traffic. Within minutes, I ran into a hardly moving, bumper to bumper jam. Losing patience and in attempt to outsmart this queue, I turned left, thinking I could loop back ahead somewhere. A few turns and I knew I was beginning to get lost. The river to my left was the only landmark I had and I was sure it was the North side, so I knew I was headed East. A few more turns and not a thing was familiar anymore. I was completely lost. I drove past a fenced power transformer station and that was the last landmark that had registered in my memory. Tense, looking from side to side, looking just like a lost driver, I continued driving on this straight stretch of road through this entirely unfamiliar place, not knowing which direction I was headed. Houses of modern design, some new, hinted that I had entered a subdivision. Then, all of a sudden, there was a traffic light with red light on at the intersection up ahead about one block. I stepped on the brake and jolted the car to a stop. It was here where the inexplicable occurred.

A brief description is in order at this point to help visualize the map of the area. An old highway runs North-South between two residential areas. It has two lanes on each side, divided at the middle throughout its length by a concrete-curbed grassy island laden with evenly spaced trees. Both the West and East sides of this highway are fenced with heavy concrete walls in some parts and rock boulders in others all the way South beginning from the embankments by the river at the North. As far as I can recall there is no link between the two residential areas East and West of the highway except at the intersection discussed further in the text. Needless to say, to go from the residential area on one side of the highway to the residential area on the other side, one must cross the highway and the only crossing is at that intersection. On approaching the intersection I realized I was about to cross the highway. The brake was naturally my first reaction. Then I noticed the well known hotel facing the road on the opposite side across from the traffic light. It was at this point when I recognized the location. I had occasionally passed by this intersection while driving down the highway, so this was not an unfamiliar site, although I had never been on this exact spot before. Of course I had always known that the hotel was on the West side of the highway. From all these information, I got a positive bearing: I was on the East side of the highway headed West towards the intersection. But something very bizarre happened. Just before the car jolted to a stop, I had noticed that the side of the hotel with its great big name, which was supposed to be its North side, was facing East! It should have been facing North! Then, just as the car stopped, the hotel switched to its normal position (turned 90 degrees) in the blink of an eye!, i.e., its East side facing east, its North side facing North - right in front of my very eyes, just like one would see on television! Notice now that the above events happened only within a few seconds after the intersection with the red traffic light over it had suddenly come in sight.


It was while waiting for the go signal at this intersection when things became clear to me: I got lost on the WEST side of the highway, near the river, past a power transformer station, the intersection with the red traffic light on suddenly appeared, I jolted the car to a stop, I never crossed the highway ..... what was I doing waiting for the green light here at the intersection EAST of the highway? How did I get here? All hairs began rising at this point, not from fear but probably from the realization of this impossibility!

Whatever it was that occurred, I found my bewildered self on this spot at the exit gate of a private property just before the intersection under the traffic light EAST of the highway. To arrive at this spot from somewhere in the subdivision WEST of the highway where I got lost, I had to drive East, knock down some houses, ram through those concrete walls, or fly off rock boulders then cross the highway, fight traffic, hover over the concrete-curbed island, clip some trees, fight traffic again if still in one piece, ram through the concrete walls on the East side, knock down some more houses, into some private estates, drive around in rat maze roads and find this intersection ... OR ... keep driving on the West subdivision on rat maze roads, zigzags and circles, find this intersection, wait for the green traffic light, cross the highway from the West side in some peace and ease to the East side, into this private property, then turn around and face the traffic light to head West. I did none of the above and yet as sure as the sun brings light I landed here from the WEST. Later on I found out that the fenced power transformer station - the last land mark stored in my memory - West of the highway where I got lost was approximately 7 miles Northwest from this exact spot.
May be some human being can explain at least in theory how an occurrence such as this happens. I've heard some of those theories. However, how far those theories are from what this really and actually is ..... in other words the truth behind the occurrence ..... is beyond human knowledge. A fact that we just have to accept. Nonetheless, may be something can be learned. I have only some physics and chemistry to lay down as guesstimates for this puzzle. Nevertheless, I can calculate how much time this occurrence saved me from that traffic queue to reach my office - at least 70 minutes!

Although it occurred around 1970, this bewildering incident is still hair-raising for me. I can still see the details as though it happened only yesterday. I have no questions to ask but only wish that I would know its purpose.



Chanel:  Geeze ~~~ Spooky~~~  Spooked to my very bone~~~  Luckily, i never have that experience before and i DON'T need one.  Always having univited visitors coming to me is already enough to handle.  Anyway, more of other Rudy's story will be up as soon as i can get hold of them.  Chill everyone!!!  じゃ!  またね!!! 

The Sleep Paralysis Nightmare by Zoe

Help me! I am only 12 and I had sleep paralysis last night for the first time ever.

In my dream, it was early morning and I was sleeping in my bed. I woke up suddenly. I tried to roll over in the position that I sleep in. (I was on my back and tried to roll on my hip.) But, my body would not move. I tried to roll over again and I figured out that I was stuck.

Then, I heard my floor creak as if someone or something big was walking in my room. (My flooring is different from any of the rest of the house.) All of a sudden, my TV switched on. I thought that It was an electrical thing so I kind of ignored it. Suddenly, my remote to the TV started floating like someone had picked it up. Whatever it was that was doing this was flipping through the channels on the guide.

I tried to call for my parents, but my voice would not work. All I could get out was an inaudible squeak. I remember thinking in my dream that “This is either a poltergeist or a demon”. I have had other paranormal experiences in my room and I am really, really freaked out. I pray frequently and believe in God strongly.

Thank you for reading and anyone who can help me and answer any questions, please do. I am also psychic if that helps.

Demonic Encounters During Sleep by Alpha

Hi everyone. This is my latest experience and has been occurring to me for the past three days and with all honesty, left me scared. I have no idea what this experience means and despite how ludicrous and inane it may seem, it has occurred to me and has made a significant impact on my personality and well-being.

I first noted something suspicious when my mum, my brother, my grandmother and my grandfather (both on my dad’s side) and I visited my dad’s grave on the 19th. This is a customary tradition my family has upheld ever since the untimely death of my dad. Anyway, after we finished paying our respects to him, we placed beside his tombstone, a bouquet of flowers. Almost immediately, I felt a cold rush of wind hit my face and I stumbled back and fell down. I was carrying my brother so he fell alongside me and twisted his ankle. This was how powerful the wind was…. (the forecast for that day where I lived was fine with calm winds).

I felt a strange numbness and I began to feel a prickly tingling hotness that lasted for a while and almost immediately I felt strange thoughts creep into my mind. Thoughts of immense hatred and inexplicable rage. I felt an insatiable, voracious lust to hurt my loved ones and myself. It was horrible and so compelling, but fortunately only lasted for minutes at the most, but would inevitably return again. I heard voices in my head too; faint whispers but audible at times. This has never occurred to me. These voices almost implore me to act malevolently and to aspire to sin.

But despite these small occurrences, the worst ones have occurred at night, for the past two days. At exactly around 2:57 am (around the time, when the police officers said they found my dad’s body) I’d wake to see a leering, grotesque creature stand alongside my bed. I’d feel paralyzed. The creatures were spindly and thin and had pointed ears and oval eyes and serrated teeth with blood stains on them. They almost seemed, like something out of a movie. The bodies intermingled with the darkness,yet their outlines were clearly visible and they had red eyes. These demons would give a raucous screech, like a witch cackling. I’d feel a strange current running through me and I’d be paralyzed, unable to move.

These creatures repeatedly touched my genital areas and (forgive me for the next few vulgar descriptions) started to rub my innate part and play with it. I believe they were female because of their cackle and curved (albeit spindly) figures and they had the outlines of female mammary glands too and a loin cloth over their genitals. These creatures would constantly scratch me and I’d wake with blood on my bed, open wounds and semen on my mattress. I tried praying to god, in my head, but every time I did they’d laugh and say ‘He can’t hear you. He doesn’t want you. You are nothing to him.’

These experiences lasted for, at the most 10 minutes, but they seemed like eternity. In the end, a white figure would appear at my bed and they’d let out an ear-splitting scream and would depart. I’m not all that knowledgeable in the field of demonology but I believe they are succubus. I’ve tried everything to make them disappear, but my attempts have been redundant. I blessed my room with holy water and have slept with a bible underneath and have clutched statues and pictures of Jesus and the blessed virgin Mary, and they’ve only been occurring for two nights.

I’ve started to become more cruel and irrespective of others, particularly my best friend, whom I’ve been behaving in an ill, foul manner towards. She’s a girl and is really pretty and I said awful things to her which she didn’t expect from me, and she’s upset at me. My mum is angry at me, my brother is reluctant to talk to me. Only my grandparents suspect something supernatural, but they are reluctant to say it to me.

I got into a fight with a boy at school and I ended up breaking his nose and giving him a black eye and in return have suffered several bruises on my waist, which accumulated with the pain of the wounds, have left me unable to jump. (I can jump, but a searing hotness subsequently follows as my waist and mid-section is elevated).

I really need help with this, because I don’t want to be a bad person or do something I’d regret. I haven’t touched the computer since this experience has occurred. Even as I’m typing this I feel trepidation envelope me and feel as though I’m being penetrated by some unseen eyes.  With sincerity Alpha

Superstitions Stories by Lawrence Teo

Ever since when i was a kid, i have held on to alot of superstitions. One of them was when urinating in an open public place like against the wall or into some bushes, one must always say "excuse me" to show respect to whatever spirit that maybe passing.

One Saturday night, i was drinking at the Marine Parade Hawker Centre with a bunch of colleagues. At the end of the session, we headed off to the carpark where we parked our cars. One of my collegue decided then that he needed to relieve himself. Too lazy to go to the public toilet, he went off to do it in the bushes. I called out " don't forget to say Excuse Me!"

He asked me what if he didn't do so. I did not know but i assured him that it'd be something terrible. He just laughed and said " HA! I don't believe a word of it!" Then he turned to the bushes to do what he had to do.

Suddenly his expression changed to horror when the bush he was aiming at rustled violently and a huge, dark figure emerged!

It was a policeman who ahd been taking a nap on a break of his rounds...........

Chanel: Interesting and weird...... Do policemen do that? I mean sleeping in the bushes? That is mental.

Paranormal Enounters In My Life From Age Three and Up by Jasmin

First Off I'd like to say that, I am no longer bothered and that most ghosts fear me now days. I go to church so now days I believe all ghosts are demons although they take many forms.

My first paranormal tale of many starts when I was three years old. We had moved into a gray building into the basement suite. On my first night I saw two big glowing eyes. I screamed and I told my mom and mom's boyfriend (now step dad) about it. They looked, but when they left it came back. After five screams and coming in five times they looked around and I got to sleep in their bed. This happened every night. My parents thought something in my closet must make this, they kept showing me all this junk and of course it was not it.

After a while my dad would yell at me and tell me I'd be grounded if I kept screaming. One night, although I can't remember, my mom told me I ran out crying and peed on the floor. Then another time I thought I was locked in my room and peed into a toy box. I'm not too sure why she never bothered to tell me about my night terrors until I was older, like six.

I was not the only one that had weird things happen with family members and the other not remember it. One night my mom came to my room and called me three times, "Jasmine..., Jasmine... Jasmine!" I looked to see my mom with something funny about her eyes (not sure what though). She told me that there were monsters in the home and I was to come to her room (the eyes still glowed, but she could not see them from the door frame).

As soon as I got out of bed she did a 180 and went to her room. My socks slipped on the wood floors and I ran to keep up! She walked so fast, did a sharp turn into her bedroom and when I got in she was asleep in her bed and tucked in! The next morning she told me I screamed in the night and she told me to come to bed with her (the story from her changes each time you ask her).

The red eyes, after having many staring contests, (he won, he never blinked). I noticed he was on a face of a bull. Then after a few months I noticed the horns and nose ring and the wrinkles on the bulls nose and then the shoulders, chest and arms. He was all black and he had pack on packs much like a "Mr. Universe" and he came under the long metal clothes hanger (so about 5-ish?). The odd part is it was only at night, in the same corner and when I was the only one who could see it. The corner in the closet made you feel sick even in the day but you never saw a thing with day light. I did see a shadow claw that never moved there too when I coved my eyes with my blanket (how I feel asleep there). I never did see it move or find out what made the shadow.

Then we moved, into a gray house. It was creepy but nothing ever happened there, and then we moved again, into a creepy green basement. After many years we moved into a brown building in "Bank View Calgary". This had a native ghost that passed from the sink to the threshold of my room. Before my mom went to bed he did it from the hall door to my door and then when all was in bed but me it came from the kitchen sink to my door frame and back all night long. I thought it was the pipes until I noticed, at age 12, it coincided with mom going to bed and shutting the bedroom door!

This was the house that had the brain lab, demon bugs, and the light bright lights, which I wrote in my reply to "Sparkles Imaginary Friend".

Then we moved to the creepiest home ever (at this point I went to church when the rest of the family did not). I never saw anything here. It was creepy and I'd get so scared in the basement I could not move, I just could tell that someone was stabbed there and the body was dragged from one side to the other and then behind the stairs. The basement had a bad smell and my mom told me years later (when the fear of the fact had left) that she, when in the basement, felt as though she was stabbed and ran up the stairs and would not go into the basement any more, It even hurt so much that when we moved out after a short time there that it still hurt her.

Then we moved twice in one complex and although the hall was scary and I thought I might have seen something, I will dismiss it because I never saw anything clearly and only out of corners and thus I validated them as untrue. Then we moved into my grandma and grandpa's place, nothing ever happened there other then when a deliverance episode. of Kenneth Copeland Ministries was on and he cast all demons out and I heard a shrill scream from the wall and in fact from that spot I saw a small blob of dark, blackness go into me.

Then me moved many more times (we moved a lot sorry). We moved into a place called Avenue Towers (they have changed the name now). There bags would squish in with foot prints, paper smooshed in, the bed sank down like someone was there, the closet rapped all night and I had sleep paralysis many times when I just ignored it something happened that I would rather not talk about. Items would turn on by themself, and toys would be replaced when I turned my back and then turned back to the item.

I See Dead People: The Renee Christine Martine Story by Lisa Holt

Renee with her daunting black hair and doe like brown eyes, was ready to relate her story to me. Her story was absolutely fascinating. It falls into the 'I See Dead People' category, because Renee is a sensitive. I believe she is a magnet to the spiritual realm. She is a lighthouse beacon that summons the departed to her physical being. She recalls that everything started happening at the age of 15. She would hear people walking around in her parent's home and when she looked, there was no one there. She remembers hearing full conversations, but couldn't make out what the words were. She had blankets pulled off of her. The house that she lived in is no longer there. The house address was 320 Bell Avenue in Sacramento. Her parents were faithful Jehovah's Witnesses and even if they witnessed any ghostly activity, they were not going to talk about it. Renee has a strange family history, besides the fact that her parents were Jehovah's Witnesses, her great grandmother was a black witch and dabbled in black magic. She was well known through the Wiccan community.

Another witch came into Renee's life. When she was dating a band member of some popular local band, the band member's ex-girlfriend was a witch. This witch placed a curse on Renee and before she knew it, one night she was attacked by ghostly white hands that went around her throat to choke her. When she confronted her band member friend, they started talking about his former witch girlfriend and the car automatically broke down. She knew it was time to keep her distance from her band member friend and the paranormal activity subsided.

As her life become somewhat normal again, she learned that her childhood friend was a sensitive and before she knew it, she was able to telepathically communicate with her friend Audra. Audra passed away four years ago, and still communicates with Renee through her dreams.

In 1998, her life was ready to take a turn towards the unknown again. In the first home she lived in on her own with her former husband and two daughters, she started seeing shadow people at the end of the hallway of her new home. Her brother-in-law Jason's ashes were kept in a churn at their new home. One of her daughters claimed to have reoccurring dreams of a man that was trying to save her when bad things would happen. She described this man to Renee. Renee was shocked, because the man she was describing was her brother-in-law Jason. While living in this first home, her family would hear rustling of paper from the KFC bucket in the next room and there was no one there. The refrigerator would open by itself. There would be impressions on the bed, like if someone was sitting on the bed. Footsteps were heard near the foot of the bed, while Renee was trying to sleep. While living in this home, she had an out-of-body experience. She floated to the ceiling and could see herself on the bed sleeping with a shiny gold band that surrounded her sleeping body. When the astral projection ended, she felt like her spiritual self was shoved back into her body. She felt vibrations, everything went black and she felt like she was in a huge vibrating bell. She had the Berkeley Psychic Institute investigate her home. This Institute immediately recognized Renee as a sensitive. The teacher of this Institute placed his hands upon her and immediately felt she needed to be 'grounded'. Then a psychic for this institute felt that Jason (her brother-in-law) was in the house and that when he came to the house, he opened up a portal bringing along other ghostly entities. The psychic was able to tell Renee that Jason was upset with his brother (her husband) about a bike. Renee confirmed that this story is true. Then what really surprised Renee is that the psychic was also able to give her the name of Jason's friend's name. She struggled with the name, as it sounded something like; a door? The name of Jason's friend was Adore. Adore was no longer with the living, because he committed suicide. The psychic said that Adore hangs out with Jason and that Adore is mischievous and likes to peek at her. When Renee invited another group of healers to come and cleanse her home, she noticed that the guests pulled up in front of her house, but after fifteen minutes of knocking and ringing the door bell . No one in the house could hear the knocking. It was like the entities of the house, didn't want any more people in the house and silenced the knocking deliberately. When Renee finally peeked out of the window to see why they hadn't come up tp the door yet, she found these two ladies waiting to come in, as they were told by this entity to go away! The two ladies conducted a smudging of her home and burned sage throughout the house to cleanse it. Renee was told to put Jason's ashes outside and to later scatter the ashes. Renee did this and Jason no longer came around to visit her. While Renee was experiencing all of these activities, her former husband was seeing shadow people in the house.

The second house Renee moved into, things started happening.. The candle came off the wall and flew across the room. The sewing machine would turn on by itself. She saw the full body apparition of a little girl twice. The ghostly girl actually looked like her daughter. The girl was seen wearing a long white t-shirt. She remembers once, when there was a crack in the closet door, the opening became bigger and she could see the little girl looking through the opening at her. At times Renee's cell phone would ring and it showed the call originated from her home. There was one problem. There was no one at her home. As Renee listened to the call, there would only be static. She learned that the little girl that was haunting her home, was haunting the home next door too, and had died at Arcade Creek. This little girl became known as 'The Lost Girl of Arcade Creek'. Now in her present day home in Rocklin, she has a male entity haunting her home. This entity is somewhat pesky. He will place his fingers between her toes while she is sleeping. The entity will tug on her clothes. He will whisper inaudible words into her ear. She brought in another psychic into her life to help guide the occupying entities to their destinations. The male entity flat out refused to leave and ran from the psychic. The psychic told Renee that this male entity is attached to her and her two daughters. Another interesting factoid of this case, is that her home is situated on American Indian land, but Renee is unsure if this is what is causing the haunting.

Renee tells a consistent story and I couldn't find any contradictions to her story. She kept me intrigued and I want to learn more. I am not a sensitive and do not pick up on the other worldly realm like she does, but perhaps if I shadow her movements she will open a gateway to the unknown for me. I can only see, or hope to see.

After I got home, Renee sent me an email. She forgot one part of her story. This is what she relates in her own words:

"I also wanted to share one other thing that was pretty significant in my life. About a year after I moved into the house near Arcade Creek, and during my divorce this happened one night. I was dreaming that while sleeping in my bed my phone rang. When I woke up to answer it, I looked at the clock, wondering what time it was. The clock read 2am. On the phone was an police officer with a very heavy Irish accent. He proceeded to tell me that Lance (former husband) was in some trouble and was in jail. I asked the officer if I could talk with him, but the officer said, "No, I am not at liberty to say". Weird? So, I asked, "well what kind of trouble is Lance in"? The officer replied, "I'm sorry, I am not at liberty to say". I replied with, if I can't speak with him, then why did you call? The officer said, you can speak with him, but make it brief. Lance got on the phone and said "Hey I'm in trouble, can you come and bail me out"?? At that point, my phone rang again, only this time, I wasn't dreaming it rang, it was really ringing. Again, I looked at the clock to see what time it was, and the clock read; 1:59am, and on the other end was Lance. I asked him why he was calling so late, and he replied, "I'm at the club with my friend Sean, but he left with some girl. I lost my wallet, and don't have money for a cab, could you come and bail me out"?

Now, I'm not sure why there was an officer with such a heavy Irish accent calling me at 2am, but I know I will never forget that inccident."

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