One beer, two beer, red beer, blue beer




Whaddya think? Did Japanese regional beer Takahashi come up with the idea for these brews as part of market expansion plans to America's red and blue states, as an ode to the choice given Neo of Matrix fame, or out of nostalgia toward Dr. Seuss?

C:  Looks yummy! 



Luminous Star Sand




Star shaped sand is actually the shell of forum, micro creature living in the ocean. There are several beaches where star sands are found in Okinawa. Okinawa people call it as Happy Sand or Love Sand. 


Phosphorescent material absorbs sun light or artificial light and emit the light in the dark. The sands keep to glow for 5 hours with 30 minutes of absorbing light. It's durable for semi permanent use. It doesn't need any power source. Eco-friendly product for next generation.


Bottle size: approx. 3cm / 1.18in





Tully's Japan Provides Alittle Taste Of Romance



Just in case you don't expect to experience any romance on your own this Valentine's Day in Japan, you can always drop by Tully's for a taste of this seasonal indulgence: Tully's Romance Strawberry Mocha.

Sugarless Sake



As this large-scale subway poster from Japan sake maker Gekkeikan shows, even the nation's most traditional beverages are now available in sugarless alternatives.

Japanese package design: Calpis Ginger Zero



This new zero-calorie soda from Japanese beverage company Calpis adds ginger flavoring to the brand's traditional yogurty base. The sophisticated package really pops and got me to easily part with 150 yen. Unfortunately, the design is more satisfying than the beverage itself, which is lightweight and nearly tasteless. Given the creamy background and the swirling hurricane graphic, I had been hoping for something along the lines of a crispy cream soda. Maybe next time.

Japanese Folklore: The Two Frogs

Once upon a time in the country of Japan there lived two frogs, one of whom made his home in a ditch near the town of Osaka, on the sea coast, while the other dwelt in a clear little stream which ran through the city of Kyoto. At such a great distance apart, they had never even heard of each other; but, funnily enough, the idea came into both their heads at once that they should like to see a little of the world, and the frog who lived at Kyoto wanted to visit Osaka, and the frog who lived at Osaka wished to go to Kyoto, where the great Mikado had his palace.

So one fine morning in the spring they both set out along the road that led from Kyoto to Osaka, one from one end and the other from the other. The journey was more tiring than they expected, for they did not know much about traveling, and halfway between the two towns there arose a mountain which had to be climbed. It took them a long time and a great many hops to reach the top, but there they were at last, and what was the surprise of each to see another frog before him!

They looked at each other for a moment without speaking, and then fell into conversation, explaining the cause of their meeting so far from their homes. It was delightful to find that they both felt the same wish--to learn a little more of their native country--and as there was no sort of hurry they stretched themselves out in a cool, damp place, and agreed that they would have a good rest before they parted to go their ways.

"What a pity we are not bigger," said the Osaka frog; "for then we could see both towns from here, and tell if it is worth our while going on."

"Oh, that is easily managed," returned the Kyoto frog. "We have only got to stand up on our hind legs, and hold onto each other, and then we can each look at the town he is traveling to."

This idea pleased the Osaka frog so much that he at once jumped up and put his front paws on the shoulder of his friend, who had risen also. There they both stood, stretching themselves as high as they could, and holding each other tightly, so that they might not fall down. The Kyoto frog turned his nose towards Osaka, and the Osaka frog turned his nose towards Kyoto; but the foolish things forgot that when they stood up their great eyes lay in the backs of their heads, and that though their noses might point to the places to which they wanted to go, their eyes beheld the places from which they had come.

"Dear me!" cried the Osaka frog, "Kyoto is exactly like Osaka. It is certainly not worth such a long journey. I shall go home!"

"If I had had any idea that Osaka was only a copy of Kyoto I should never have traveled all this way," exclaimed the frog from Kyoto, and as he spoke he took his hands from his friend's shoulders, and they both fell down on the grass. Then they took a polite farewell of each other, and set off for home again, and to the end of their lives they believed that Osaka and Kyoto, which are as different to look at as two towns can be, were as alike as two peas.

Valentine's Day

Japanese candy company takes a step forward by doing things in reverse


Valentine's Day is just a little more than a week away.

In Japan, the holiday has traditionally been a one-way street, where only women give chocolate or homemade sweets to men (who are expected to return the favor in a Japan-created holiday known as "White Day" that falls on March 14).

However, according to one research study I read recently, something like 20% of Japanese men plan to give presents to women on Valentine's Day this year, and now a couple of Japan's major confectioners have included in their lineups new products targeting male purchasers.

The product shown above is a clever example from Morinaga. Splashed with a blue ribbon that roughly translated says "This year, give in reverse," the package makes a playful appeal to men with English language product copy that's printed backwards.

Trying to get men behind Valentines Day is an interesting new tack for confectioners that may help boost sales. White Day has been around since 1980, and for 10 or 15 years, men generally gave women white chocolate, cookies or marshmallow sweets as thanks for their Valentines gifts. However, in recent years other industries have been imploring men to give more expensive presents, and a lot of gents have stopped purchasing sweets--or have given up celebrating altogether. 

Moreover, especially in the 80's and 90's, social convention pressured women to give giri choco, or "obligation chocolate," on Valentines Day--even to co-workers, bosses and classmates they didn't like.  In recent years, thanks to pent up resentment, especially towards men who fail to provide return gifts, a lot of women have quit giving giri choco.

With sales down for both Valentines Day and White Day, Japan's confectioners have been feeling the pain. Which is why they're now trying to get both men and women to exchange chocolate on February 14.

Japan Frito Lay

New eye-popping snack from Japan Frito Lay


The latest surprising product from Japan Frito Lay?  "Caffeine Snacks." 

The variant show at right is Caramel Macchiato--which according to the package is a "corn snack that reproduces the taste of a vanilla café latte flavored with caramel syrup."  Not only that, the bag contains about 150 mg of caffeine (the equivalent of about two 120 ml cups of coffee), which will "vitalize your day. . .[because] caffeine increases your performance, concentration and alertness."

"Soy sauce" soda

Japanese can now enjoy "Soy sauce" soda


Cheerio, a Japanese soft drink brand known for its fruity flavors, has just released an orange-flavored soda that's been packaged to resemble a bottle of soy sauce. Walking through one of the convenience stores in our Harajuku neighborhood, I did a double-take after seeing the product in one of the refrigerated display cases, sitting next to usual array of carbonated drinks, bottled waters and teas.

It's obviously a gimmick, obviously targeting kids, who can enjoy shocking their parents and friends when they take a big gulp out of what looks to be a soy sauce bottle—something that would likely induce immediate retching if done for real. The display case at the convenience store was plastered with warnings such as: "This is not soy sauce. Do not drink attempt to drink real soy sauce."

If you're wondering what the product is resting upon in the above picture, click the image for a closer look. You'll notice that the little containers are shaped like fish. These piscine bottles are normally filled with single portions of soy sauce and are frequently found in bento, Japanese-style lunch boxes.

New Chocolate Beer

New chocolate beer to debut in Japan


The headline reads "A chocolate drink for adults, from Sapporo and Royce.*"  Mmmm. Exactly the thing for people addicted to both.

Japan's Sapporo Brewery and domestic confectioner Royce will start selling Chocolat Brewery, a limited-edition beverage, starting next Wednesday, January 14. The bitter malt brew is infused with chocolate flavor and will be available order-only through the Sapporo website until just January 23 (with deliveries around February 10). A three-pack is priced at 1,480 yen, more than $5 per can.

The intro comes a month after Sapporo launched the Sapporo Hana Garden Project, an initiative the company hopes will generate new excitement for Sapporo products amongst Japanese women. 

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