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Japanese Superstition

In Japan there are certain things one does not do because they are thought to cause bad luck. A few examples are:

The number four:
The number four is considered inauspicious because it is pronounced the same as the word for death (shi). Therefore, one should not make presents that consist of four pieces, etc. In some hotels and hospitals the room number four is skipped.

Stick chopsticks into the rice:
Do not stick your chopsicks into your food generally, but especially not into rice, because only at funerals, chopsticks are stuck into the rice which is put onto the altar.

Give food from chopstick to chopstick:
This is only done with the bones of the cremated body at funerals.

Sleeping towards the North:
Do not sleep towards the North beacause bodies are laid down like that.

Funeral Car:
If a funeral car passes you should hide your thumb.

Cut nails at night:
If you cut your nails at night, you will not be with your parents when they die.

Lie down after eating:
If you lie down immedeately after eating, you will become a cow.

Whistle in the night:
If you whistle in the night, a snake will come to you.

Black cat:
There are also some imported superstitions such as the believe that black cats crossing the street in front of you cause bad luck

In many shrines, temples and souvenir shops, amulets are sold that are supposed to bring luck, safety or good fortune. There are amulets for money, health, love, success on exams, safety on the streets, etc. Small pieces of paper (omikuji) that predict your future are also available. These pieces of paper are tied around the branch of a tree after reading; either to make the good fortune come true or to avoid the predicted bad fortune.

Chinese Superstitions

Regardless of the year you were born, there are certain customs and superstitions that many Chinese adhere to during the New Year. Shooting off firecrackers on Chinese New Year’s Eve is the Chinese way of sending out the old year and welcoming in the new. On the stroke of midnight, every door and window in the house has to be opened to allow the old year to go out is one of the Chinese superstition they adhere to. Many people also abstain from eating meat on the first day of Chinese New Year because it is believed that this will ensure a long and happy life. Some may eat a whole fish, that represents togetherness and abundance, or a chicken with its head and feet intact, which symbolizes prosperity. Any noodles in your bowl should be left uncut, as a sign of long life. Plants and flowers also play a significant role in symbolizing rebirth and new growth. A home is thought to be lucky if a plant blooms on New Year’s Day, as this foretells the start of a prosperous year.

Another Chinese superstition is that the entire house should be cleaned before New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dust pans and other cleaning equipment are put away. Sweeping or dusting should not be done on New Year’s Day for fear that good fortune will be swept away, which if you think about it does make some sense. After New Year’s Day, the floors may be swept. Beginning at the door, the dust and rubbish are swept to the middle of the parlor, then placed in the corners and not taken or thrown out until the fifth day. At no time should the rubbish in the corners be trampled upon. In sweeping, there is a superstition that if you sweep the dirt out over the threshold, you will sweep one of the family members away. Also, to sweep the dust and dirt out of your house by the front entrance is to sweep away the good fortune of the family; it must always be swept inwards and then carried out, then no harm will follow. All dirt and rubbish must be taken out the back door.

Everyone should refrain from using foul language and bad or unlucky words. Negative terms and the word “four”, sounding like the word for death, are not to be uttered. Death and dying are never mentioned and ghost stories are totally taboo. References to the past year are also avoided as everything should be turned toward the New Year and a new beginning.

If you cry on New Year’s Day, you will cry all through the year. Therefore, children are tolerated and are not spanked, even though they are mischievous.

On New Year’s Day, we are not supposed to wash our hair because it would mean we would have washed away good luck for the New Year. Red clothing is preferred during this festive occasion. Red is considered a bright, happy color, sure to bring the wearer a sunny and bright future. It is believed that appearance and attitude during New Year’s sets the tone for the rest of the year. Children and unmarried friends, as well as close relatives are given little red envelopes with crisp one dollar bills inserted, for good fortune.

The first person one meets and the first words heard are significant as to what the fortunes would be for the entire year. It is a lucky sign to see or hear songbirds or red-colored birds or swallows.

It is considered unlucky to greet anyone in their bedroom so that is why everyone, even the sick, should get dressed and sit in the living room.

Do not use knives or scissors on New Year’s Day as this may cut off fortune.

For those most Chinese superstitious, the Almanac should be consulted to find the best time to do important things. The Almanac would tell you that if the day is a good day or bad day to have a funeral, sweep the graves of ancestors, worship the dead or move an ancestor’s grave; start construction, move into a new house, visit friends or even travel north; get a haircut or cultivate plants and so on. The fact: if you follow ALL the “traditions”, you will get nowhere!

Here is a list of 40 classic Chinese superstitions:

When having a baby:
*If you’re pregnant, use of glue will cause a difficult birth.
*If you strike an animal during pregnancy, the newborn child will look like that animal and behave like one.
*You should never praise a newborn baby because it will invite evil spirits and ghosts.
*A concave navel means a prosperous life.
*A baby with more than one hair crown will be mischievous and disobedient.
*A baby with wide and thick ears will live prosperously.

Before you get married:
*Wedding clothes should be red, yellow and/or white.
*Wearing black, blue or gray will bring bad luck to the marriage.
*Couples with the same surname cannot marry; even if they are not related, they still belong to the same ancestry.
*A boy, preferably born a Dragon, must roll over the newlywed’s matrimonial bed to ensure good luck and a baby boy.
*Never marry someone who is older or younger by 3 or 6 years.

Good Feng Shui:
*The number of steps in a staircase should be even-numbered.
*It is bad luck to have two room doors face each other.
*It is bad luck if your door or gate directly faces a road.
*Don’t build your house facing the north.
*The master’s bedroom should not be situated right above the garage.
*The dining area should not be under a second-floor toilet.

Going to funerals:
*An improper funeral will bring ill fortune and disaster.
*Statues of deities must be covered with red cloth of paper.
*Mirrors must be hidden; a person who sees the reflection of the coffin will have a death in his/her family.
*White cloth must be hung across the doorway of the house.
*The deceased’s children and grandchildren should not cut their hair for 49 days.
*After leaving a wake, do not go straight home lest the ghost of the dead follows you.

Lucky and unlucky colors:
*Red is the color of blood or life and will bring happiness, wealth, fame, and good luck.
*Black is the color of feces and is associated with evil, disaster and bad fortune.
*White is the color of mother’s milk. It symbolizes moderation, purity, honesty and life and balances red and black.

Lucky and unlucky numbers:
*The luckiest number is eight because its Chinese word also means “prosper”.
*The unluckiest number is four as it sounds like the Chinese word for death.
*Seven can also signify death.
*The number one means loneliness.
*The number “9″ is good, because nine in Cantonese sounds like the word “sufficient”.

About time:
*Clipping toenails or fingernails at night is bad luck; the person will be visited by a ghost.
*If a dog howls continuously at night, this means death.
*Hearing a crow cawing between 3 and 7 am means the hearer will receive gifts; hearing a crow caw between 7 and 11am means rain and wind; and between 11am and 1pm means quarrels.
*If a man’s ears burn between 11pm and 1pm, there will be harmony between him and his wife; if they burn between 1 and 3 in the afternoon, a guest will soon arrive.

Things you should never do:
*Beating a person with a broom will rain bad luck upon that person for years.
*Wearing a moustache is considered bad luck.
*Never point at the moon or your ears might get chopped off.
*Don’t sweep the floor on New Year’s Day lest you sweep away the good fortune.
*Don’t keep a pet turtle or it will slow down your business.

While many Chinese people today may not believe in these dos and don’ts, these Chinese superstitions (by the name of “traditions” and “customs”) are still practiced. They are kept because most families realize that it is these “old stuffs”, whether believed or not, that provide continuity with the past and provide the family with an identity.

Still, superstitions are an essential part of culture. They give us a peek into the lives of our ancestors and can provide many insights on the practices, attitudes, principles, and religious beliefs of different cultures. A special report on the effect of superstitions on the nation’s youth related that 85% of China’s middle school students have actually had their fortune told!

The Exorcist Movie: The Real Story of Anneliese Michel’s Exorcism

From her birth on the 21st of September, 1952, Anneliese Michel enjoyed the life of a normal, religiously nurtured young girl. Without warning, her life changed on a day in 1968 when she began shaking and found she was unable to control her body. She could not call out for her parents, Josef and Anna, or any of her 3 sisters. A neurologist at the Psychiatric Clinic Wurzburg diagnosed her with “Grand Mal” epilepsy. Because of the strength of the epileptic fits, and the severity of the depression that followed, Anneliese was admitted for treatment at the hospital.

Soon after the attacks began, Anneliese started seeing devilish grimaces during her daily praying. It was the fall of 1970, and while the young people of the world were enjoying the liberal freedoms of the time, Anneliese was battling with the belief that she was possessed. It seemed there was no other explanation for the appearance of devilish visions during her prayers. Voices also began following her, saying Anneliese will “stew in hell”. She mentioned the “demons” to the doctors only once, explaining that they have started to give her orders. The doctors seem unable to help, and Anneliese lost hope that medicine was going to be able to cure her.

In the summer of 1973, her parents visited different pastors to request an exorcism. Their requests were rejected and they were given recommendations that the now 20 year old Anneliese should continue with medication and treatment. It was explained that the process by which the Church proves a possession (Infestatio) is strictly defined, and until all the criteria are met, a Bishop can not approve an exorcism. The requirements, to name a few, include an aversion to religious objects, speaking in a language the person has never learned, and supernatural powers.

In 1974, after supervising Anneliese for some time, Pastor Ernst Alt requested a permit to perform the exorcism from the Bishop of Wurzburg. The request was rejected, and a recommendation soon followed saying that Anneliese should live even more of a religious lifestyle in order to find peace. The attacks did not diminish, and her behavior become more erratic. At her parents’ house in Klingenberg, she insulted, beat, and began biting the other members of her family. She refused to eat because the demons would not allow it. Anneliese slept on the stone floor, ate spiders, flies, and coal, and even began drinking her own urine. She could be heard screaming throughout the house for hours while breaking crucifixes, destroying paintings of Jesus, and pulling apart rosaries. Anneliese began committing acts of self-mutilation at this time, and the act of tearing off her clothes and urinating on the floor became commonplace.

After making an exact verification of the possession in September 1975, the Bishop of Wurzburg, Josef Stangl, assigned Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt with the order to perform “The Great Exorcism” on Anneliese Michel. The basis for this ritual was the “Rituale Romanum”, which was still, at the time, a valid Cannon Law from the 17th century. It was determined that Anneliese must be saved from the possession by several demons, including Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Cain, Hitler, and Fleischmann, a disgraced Frankish Priest from the 16th century, and some other damned souls which had manifested through her. From September ‘75 until July ‘76, one or two exorcism sessions were held each week. Anneliese’s attacks were sometimes so strong that she would have to be held down by 3 men, or even chained up. During this time, Anneliese found her life somewhat return to normal as she could again go to school, take final examinations at the Pedagogic Academy in Wurzburg, and go to church.

The attacks, however, did not stop. In fact, she would more often find herself paralyzed and falling unconscious than before. The exorcism continued over many months, always with the same prayers and incantations. Sometimes family members and visitors, like one married couple that claims to have “discovered” Anneliese, would be present during the rituals. For several weeks, Anneliese denied all food. Her knees ruptured due to the 600 genuflections she performed obsessively during the daily exorcism. Over 40 audio tapes record the process, in order to preserve the details.

The last day of the Exorcism Rite was on June 30th, 1976, and Anneliese was suffering at this point from Pneumonia. She was also totally emaciated, and running a high fever. Exhausted and unable to physically perform the genuflections herself, her parents stood in and helped carry her through the motions. “Beg for Absolution” is the last statement Anneliese made to the exorcists. To her mother, she said, “Mother, I’m afraid.” Anna Michel recorded the death of her daughter on the following day, July 1st, 1976, and at noon, Pastor Ernst Alt informed the authorities in Aschaffenburg. The senior prosecutor began investigating immediately.

A short time before these final events unfolded, William Friedkin’s “The Exorcist” (1974) came to the cinemas in Germany, bringing with it a wave of paranormal hysteria that flooded the nation. Psychiatrists all over Europe reported an increase of obsessive ideas among their patients. Prosecutors took more than 2 years to to take Annaliese’s case to court, using that time to sort through the bizarre facts. Anneliese’s parents and the two exorcists were accused of negligent homocide. The “Klingenberg Case” would be decided upon two questions: What caused the death of Anneliese Michel, and who was responsible?

According the forensic evidence, “Anneliese starved to death”. Specialists claimed that if the accused would have begun with forced feeding one week before her death, Anneliese’s life would have been saved. One sister told the court that Anneliese did not want to go to a mental home where she would be sedated and forced to eat. The exorcists tried to prove the presence of the demons, playing taped recordings of strange dialogues like that of two demons arguing about which one of them would have to leave Anneliese’s body first. One of the demons called himself Hitler, and spoke with a Frankish accent (Hitler was born in Austria). Not one of those present during the exorcism ever had a doubt about the authenticity of the presence of these demons.

The psychiatrists, who had been ordered to testify by the court, spoke about the “Doctrinaire Induction”. They said that the priests had provided Anneliese with the contents of her psychotic behavior. Consequentially, they claimed, she later accepted her behavior as a form of demonic possession. They also offered that Anneliese’s unsettled sexual development, along with her diagnosed Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, had influenced the psychosis.

The verdict was considered by many as not as harsh as they expected. Anneliese’s parents, as well as the exorcists, were found guilty of manslaughter resulting from negligence and omitting first aid. They were sentenced to 6 months in jail and probation. The verdict included the opinion of the court that the accused should have helped by taking care of the medical treatment that the girl needed, but instead, their use of naive practices aggravated Anneliese’s already poor constitution.

A commission of the German Bishop-Conference later declared that Anneliese Michel was not possessed, however, this did not keep believers from supporting her struggles, and it was because so many believed in her that Anneliese’s body did not find peace with death. Her corpse was exhumed eleven and a half years after her burial, only to confirm that it had decayed as would have been expected under normal circumstances. Today, her grave remains a place of pilgrimage for rosary-praying and for those who believe that Anneliese Michel bravely fought the devil.

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Children’s Encounters with the Unknown

They see and experience extraordinary things that many adults cannot, from ghosts and “imaginary” friends to startling premonitions and toys that come to life.

Are children more attuned to the supernatural? Many researchers suspect that children, from the youngest ages and into early teens, are more likely to experience paranormal phenomena because they have not yet developed the prejudices that many adults have against such far-out, “unscientific” ideas. Perhaps they have not yet created their own filters for feelings and experiences that most of society consider irrational or abnormal. Or it could be that young brains or minds are, for whatever reason, physically more receptive to such phenomena as ghosts, near-death experiences, past-life recall and premonitions.

Whatever the reason, here are several true stories from readers that seem to confirm that children can be extraordinarily tuned in to the strange and the unexplained:

The Mystery Man
Years ago while in my teens, my mom took me with her to pick up one of her elderly friends to give her a ride to our church. We weren’t going that night, but my mom was always helpful to the senior citizens at our church. When we got to my mom’s friend’s house, mom asked me to go to the door to tell her that we were outside waiting on her.

I rang the doorbell and the elderly lady opened the door, said “hello” and left me standing in the doorway for a few minutes while she finished getting ready. The couch in the elderly lady’s living room was partially shielded by the door, but I could see a man sitting on her couch in front of her TV, which was turned on. He never moved or spoke to me as I stood there. I was very shy and didn’t attempt to speak to him either. I distinctly remember he had on a white shirt, black pinstriped pants, black nylon socks and shiny black shoes. His hands rested on his knees. I remember that his hand was wrinkled and appeared to be that of an elderly, very dark, African-American man, but I was positioned in a way that I could not see his face.

After a few minutes, the elderly lady grabbed her coat and walked out the door locking it behind her. She left the man sitting on her couch watching television, but she hadn’t said anything to him when she left. I thought that it was rather strange, but said nothing about it to her. After we dropped the elderly lady off at church, I said, “Mom, Mrs. McClain left a man in her house, but she didn’t say bye to him when we left.” I also told her that he was sitting on her couch in front of the TV. She asked me what he looked like because Mrs. McClain’s landlord came to visit her from time to time. I described what I saw to my mom, but told her that I didn’t see his face. My mom said that the description that I gave did not match that of her landlord, because he was a very pale-skinned man.

My mom was very concerned, so she called Mrs. McClain at church and, in order not to alarm her, asked, “Did you have some company? My daughter said that you left your TV on.” Mrs. McClain told mom she didn’t have any company that day and that she leaves her TV on whenever she goes out because she wants people to think that someone is home, so that no one will break in. Hearing this really frightened my mom, and I guess the elderly lady could hear the fright in my mom’s voice and she started screaming out, asking my Mom, “What did your daughter see? Please tell me, what did your daughter see? You are scaring me. I can’t go back there. What did she see?” I remember my mom having to talk to her for quite awhile to calm her down. My mom finally convinced her that we were just wondering why she had left the television on. When my mom finally got off of the phone, we were both very shaken. I was crying and extremely afraid that I would see this man again because at this point we knew it had to be a ghost. I kept repeating, “I am so glad that I didn’t try to see his face.” My mom comforted me by saying that it was probably Mrs. McClain’s husband, who had passed away, watching out for her because she was all alone. I never saw the man again and we never told Mrs. McClain what I had really seen that evening in her house. - H. Holmes

What Did Baby Brother See?
When my little brother was a baby, maybe nine months old, we lived with my grandma. My grandpa had just died. My mom was sitting in the living room around midnight trying to get my brother to sleep, but he wouldn’t stop crying. Suddenly, out of nowhere he stopped crying, sat straight up and said, “Hi, grandpa.” There was no one else in the room at all. The weird thing is, he said those words so clearly, and he had never spoken before, not even to say “mom”! - Beth B.

Andy Pandy Comes to Play
Many of your UK readers between the ages of 45 and 55 will probably remember a TV show called “Watch with Mother”. The show was on the BBC in the 1950s and featured a string puppet named “Andy Pandy”, he had a sidekick named “Loopy Lou or Looby Lou”. One day my brother and sister where playing upstairs in our front bedroom. This room was about 12 ft. x 12 ft. and had a cupboard in the corner, which was directly over the stairs. My sister and brother, both now in their late 40s, swear to this day that Andy Pandy came out of that cupboard in the corner and spent the next hour playing with them both. This Andy Pandy, however, was about four feet high and had no strings attached. I have questioned both of them over the years and still their story remains the same. - Mike C.

Accident Premonition
My mother’s family (parents and siblings) lived in Binghamton, New York. My dad was in the Navy and my parents, my sister and I lived in Patuxent River, Maryland. I was six years old at the time. Even though we lived in Maryland, I knew most of my mother’s family because we would visit them quite often in Binghamton, and during the summer they all came to visit us. At the time, my cousin, Marylou, who lived in Binghamton, was 11 years old. I got home from school one day and asked my mother why Marylou was crying. She didn’t understand what I was talking about. I told her that I heard her crying. She was quite puzzled by my statement and had no explanation. Within a few hours, the phone rang. It was my grandmother calling to say that my cousin had been hit by a car walking home from school - about the same time I told my mother I could hear her crying. I have had a few other premonitions, but this is the one I remember most. - Nancy T.

Chanting Men in White
I was 13 and it was quite some time after my little brother had passed away. I had wanted to be with him, because I thought it would be better with him than at home. One night I was sleeping in my bed and I had felt this warm sensation. I saw this large hand come on my legs. It was so warm I had to wake up. To my surprise, there were some men standing around my bed, which was up against the wall. They were dressed in white and chanting in some language I never heard. One looked at me and then they all did and stopped chanting. Then, all in a single file, they walked out of the room. I crawled to the end of my bed and peeked out the door to the living room. There we had a dim light on. They were gone. I was a little scared and crawled under the covers and started to pray. Then my other brother asked me if I was awake. I said yes. He asked me to come to his room. I said, “No way. You come.” But I did manage to get to his room, just to find out that my brother had gone through the exact same thing as I did. We were both scared. - Ruby

The Imaginary Friend
When my cousin was little, she would always say that she was visited by “a friend.” My family thought this was an imaginary friend. One day while looking through a photo album, my cousin saw a picture of her grandfather who had died only a few years before she was born. She had never seen this picture before. She said that the man in the picture (her grandfather) was the friend who visited her regularly. This is interesting because my grandfather adored his grandchildren, and I could envision him wanting to meet the one who was born after he died. - Dennis and Heather S.

Shirley Saves Her Brother
My mom told me this story, and she still cries when she tells it. It has never been explained. My sister, Shirley (the firstborn), died of Downs Syndrome at the age of two in 1961. She had holes in her heart. Almost two years later, my mother had a baby boy, my brother, Steven. One day in 1962, my mom was up in the attic doing some work, and my dad was in the basement in his workshop. Steven was supposedly napping in a playpen (age one) in the den. My mom heard, clear as day, Shirley’s voice saying, “Dadda! Dadda!” …and it was as though she were right there next to her in the attic. Clear as day. My dad heard the SAME THING down in his workshop. “Dadda! Dadda!” They both say it was distinctly Shirley’s voice - loud and clear. Dad ran up to tell mom; mom ran to tell dad. They both ran into the den, and there was baby Steven with plastic dry cleaner’s sheeting that he had reached for on the couch - and he was suffocating. Mom and dad both told us later on that it could not have been Steven calling them; he called my dad, “daddy” not “dadda,” and it was not his voice. They are convinced to this day that it was Shirley warning them that her brother was suffocating. - Donna B.

Shadow People Encounters
When I was seven years old, one weekend I planned to stay up late downstairs playing video games and then sleep on the pull-out bed. I was preparing to go to bed when, for some reason, I got the impression that something was watching me. I got scared enough to run back upstairs, and while I was running, I could see very short (no larger than two feet tall) and squat figures darting after me. They were very indistinct in features, and appeared as nothing more than inky-black silhouettes. Also, when my aunt was young, she was sleeping over at a friend’s house at the end of the street when she said that a “shadow man” appeared at the foot of the bed and began to call out her friend’s name. She screamed and said that it disappeared into the floor

The Christmas Ghost

It began as a relaxing if curious holiday vacation at a bed and breakfast with a reputation for being haunted. What Kathy Moll encountered there that Christmas season, however, would stay with her forever.

We are all very familiar with the ghosts of Christmas that Charles Dickens introduced to us in his classic story, “A Christmas Carol.” In the Dickens story, only Marley’s ghost and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come were foreboding, frightening spirits - ghosts of the type that Kathy Moll experienced during the 1999 Christmas season. Kathy and her sister Nanci and Nanci’s husband Darryl were enjoying a pre-Christmas holiday at The Lauren Danielle bed and breakfast in Guthrie, Oklahoma when she encountered her own Ghost of Christmas Present. This is her true story:

I sensed something about the house when I first entered. The Lauren Danielle is a beautiful Victorian home with a colorful history. Built in 1890, the house was the home of Territorial Governor Renfro, Charles West, first State Attorney General, and later Chris Madsen, US Marshall, who used the basement as a jail (in fact, the iron bars are still intact on the windows). Listed in the National Register of Historic Homes, the wonderfully restored house is today a popular bed and breakfast in central Oklahoma, just north of Oklahoma City. On this occasion, innkeepers Cliff and Debi Judd had lavishly but tastefully decorated the home for Christmas.

But I was sensing more than the holiday spirit at The Lauren Danielle. Bear in mind that I already knew that there was a spirit cat in the house, due to the newspaper article my sister Nanci shared with me before our arriving. Debi Judd showed us around the home, beautifully appointed in period antiques. She let us take our pick of rooms. When I was offered the room downstairs near the stairs, I went to look at it. I could not even enter the room, however - the vibrations were very strong and territorial. I just stood at the door and looked in. Anyone else who did not have sensitivity to these types of vibrations would have seen a lovely room done up in golds and browns. I knew I did not want to be in there by myself. In fact, the only room I felt somewhat okay about was the room my sister eventually chose. So I took the adjoining room, which was pretty, but had a very heavy feeling to it.

The Black Entity and Lady in Yellow
After we had afternoon tea, I asked Debi about the spirit cat. This lead to a discussion about the different entities in the house. That conversation explained my feelings better. My sister Nanci did not want to hear what these entities were, but I asked Debi to tell me more. There was a male entity, she said. On one occasion she had seen him in the living room, dressed in black. She had thought her husband was standing behind her. She turned and looked right at this spirit. It then moved from behind her chair to the basement stairs and disappeared. She could only see the spirit from the knees up. (I have heard that spirits sometimes cannot manifest their full form due to the energy it requires.) Debi told us it was not a particularly good feeling that she got from this entity. Another spirit she saw was a woman dressed in a yellow ball gown. She also told us that people had fled their B&B in their pajamas from being so frightened.

I was a little unnerved when I went to my room (the Lord Sebastian Room - named after the family cat) to relax and get ready to go out for a play that Nanci, Darryl and I were going to attend that evening. A local theatre group was presenting a production of “A Christmas Carol,” but set in the Western 1800s. I could not help the feeling that I was being watched while I dressed for the evening. The feeling was in the bathroom as well as the room itself. It was not a particularly threatening presence, but a very strong one nevertheless.

As I dressed and did my hair and makeup, I knew something was definitely with me. I finally finished and decided to lie down on the fainting couch for a few minutes and meditate. That helped a little bit, but I knew I was not alone. The feeling I had was of a jealous or envious projection, as if the entity longed for the corporeal body still.

We had a lovely dinner prepared by Debi and then went to the Territorial Christmas play. My sense of relief upon leaving the house was perceptible. My sensitivity is such that I have a hard time being around certain entities without it affecting me greatly. Perhaps if I were more skilled at handling the situations, they would not bother me as much. I certainly have had enough experience since I was a child.

But even they did not prepare me for the terrifying night I was about to have.

Restless Night

We returned to the house rather late, about 11:00 p.m. Nanci and I said goodnight, and I stayed downstairs to eat a piece of apple pie and relax. Frankly, I was not eager to go upstairs to bed. I had asked Nanci to leave the door between our rooms unlocked. She could not unlock it, however, and came to tell me. I went upstairs to do it myself. I thought I would sleep better knowing I could reach her if need be.

I got ready for bed, and left the light on by the fainting couch. I tried to read awhile, but the light was not good and I could not concentrate on the book anyway. There was a train that came through town about every hour, and I was having a hard time falling asleep. Let me state for those readers who are wondering, we did not have any alcohol or any other substances that may account for what was about to happen.

I was propped up in bed, drifting in and out, when the train came through town blaring its horn, waking me thoroughly. I decided to just stay awake and lay in the bed listening to it. I assure the reader, I was not asleep or in a dream state. It was 2:30 a.m.; I remember checking my watch.

The Attack

Suddenly, a ball of tremendous psychic force gathered at the end of room by the fainting couch and literally slung itself at me, like a comet. I remember saying, “Oh no!” a second before it hit me and then feeling paralyzed, unable to speak, unable to move. The feeling was like when you go down a roller coaster, but a hundred times stronger. There was also a palpable electrical feeling going through me. I felt that the entity was trying to go inside me, and I fought it mentally. I tried to say “NO” aloud, but it only came out as a distorted moaning. (My sister told me later that she could hear me moaning.) Then I gathered every bit of mental, spiritual and emotional energy and shouted out “NO!” - and the presence retreated.

There was a palpable electrical feeling going through me. I felt that the entity was trying to go inside me, and I fought it mentally. I tried to say “NO” aloud, but it only came out as a distorted moaning.

I lay there, extremely exhausted and shook-up. There is a sense when these types of things happen, of: “Did that really just happen?” Yet I know that it did. I cried out my sister’s name and she responded sleepily from the room next door.

I asked her to come to my room, and she did immediately, asking me if I was okay. I said no and told her what had just happened. She told me that she had heard me moaning and then yelling “NO!” When she asked if I wanted to sleep with her, of course my response was yes. My insides were shaking and I knew that the entity had merely withdrawn, not left. Even now as I write this, my eyes water and my insides are shaky. My jaw feels the way it does before you yawn, and the back of my neck is tingling.

I crawled into Nanci’s and Darryl’s bed, she sleeping in the middle and Darryl on the other side; I was on the side nearest the door to my room. Nanci held my hand, bless her heart, for awhile. Yet I could feel a presence in the corner of the room, near the adjoining doors.

The Spirits and Nanci’s Dream

When we finally woke up that morning, about 6:30 a.m., Darryl was getting ready to go for a walk. After he left, Nanci and I discussed again what had happened. She told me she had had a dream (I feel it was her “paraconscious”) of the house’s spirit cat at the end of the bed purring. A little boy was standing by the bed, and another little boy was at the end of the bed kneeling toward her. She remembers cupping his face in her hands. She also remembers a presence in the shadows near the adjoining door to my room - possibly the same on I had sensed.

This was an exhausting experience. I did not want to ruin the beautiful Sunday brunch Debi fixed us by telling her at that time what had happened. At the same time, I was not sure I was ready to tell her. I told a few friends I work with what happened - an experience that in itself was actually draining.


As for those who are interested to learn about the Spiritual world and levels of demons and deities, I thought I put a little humble knowledge together to let readers understand about those subjects.

1. In order to open the third eye (and my goal is not to show you exactly how) you have to develop spiritual- or soul-power.

It is amazing how normal life is prepared to do exactly this.

As many people who are desperate, in depression and hardship or even in danger to commit suicide are looking in this forum for a supernatural answer to their questions I have to tell the following clear and strict.

Basic live duties are the most needed basis to gain supernatural powers!
So do them with love and devotion.

For example it is better for people in such desperate situations ( beside sitting and chanting mantras for not more than 10 – 30 min) to hark a field or to cut grass, or doing maths – rather to sit all day long and to think all day about spiritual matters, Guman Tong and doing strange exercise.


There are dangers on the path to supernatural life and they are called delusion, fantasizing, loosing touch to physical realities and …. well … hospitalizing.

As it is important for the physical body which is alive and a tool on earth and used for physical or strict logic mental work – to find put itself in deep sleep and regain powers for the next daily task, so important is it for your soul (spirit) to be as lively in daily tasks and to forget about spiritual worlds in order to raise form there in the time you sit for meditation to the higher realities.

So how do you know what is seeing and what is fantasy or a blurred vision?
(This only somebody can answer who has already experienced those higher – lower worlds).

My own experience is that this other reality is always around us and once you see and explore it – it is as real as you normal real life and you realize that it always has been there/here.

The best picture to describe it is, imagine there are two pages of a book you concentrate on.

So you can read and see the front of page one (that is real life once you are awake).
You can watch the backside of page two (this is once you are in deep sleep).

Unfortunately those two pages are glued a little to getter and once you get them apart the next spiritual world which we can experience is exactly between those two pages we are aware of.

what I mean is - once you experience yourself in the other dimension of that worlds you are not sleeping although you might not be able to move your body, and you are not awake although you eyes might be open and you are acting and thinking like you are awake.

Once the glue looses and they open you can see and understand many of the secrets they hold.

So for the case people might think I just write bollocks here and for nonbelievers who might say: “Where are your proof ?”, “I don’t believe if I can’t see it for myself”, “… this is irrational” - I have to say the following:

Well let me take an example out of Physics:

All matter is constructed with an atomic structure …. ?!
An atom (depending on the base matter you are choosing) consist of a core and electrons surrounding that core. They are loaded and give the whole structure its stability ….. which differs ……

Do you believe me?

Well I didn’t explain it to scientific … but you once you have heard it at school have no doubt about that it might be so. Or how about the planets, the black holes and that stuff – the aether theory for using radio waves?

So why in the case of this examples - as you can’t see them with your eyes either, or as you (or I) have not the ability to proof it if our IQ is not high enough – is easier to BELIEVE than spiritual stuff? ?

Well you believe in the abilities of the master of their subject: Einstein, Bohr, Hawkins.

Many say: ” Ahhh spiritual stuff is based on faith alone and there are no proofs.
So please know that there too are masters of their subject and those who indeed experienced and know very well about the laws of the spiritual world.

Now how to explain all those matters?

For that you have to know that it is much harder to do than it is with the laws about our physical world because the most people are “blind” and the senses which are necessary to gain are very much undeveloped.

As the children have to learn basic mathematics and logic thinking and work very hard before they even come close to understand higher physics –in the same way the spiritual student has to develop the abilities in order to gain higher knowledge.

And for those he has to develop spiritual powers, like we develop brainpower in the time we study.

The rules leading down the spiritual road are easy heard and given by masters in many different ways and religions, but harder understood, and hardest to be followed as they are totally different from the physical world rules. ( and more the opposite) and the physical/material gains are less classed.

This is meant with the danger of the unbalance of our modern world with all its conflicts.

Here are few examples which I pick out as they are most commonly known.
(Of course you can’t introduce or do a whole seminar in this way but my goal is just to rach out for a basic understanding why this is so hard to do, or why it is so hard to answer supernatural questions)

1. admiration and no critics
2. sexual desires
3. love

to 1)
The first seed in the soul of a spiritual pupil is developed by the Holy feeling of true admiration of a teacher or knowledge. It’s just like that and people with critical thinking (which is of course very much necessary in order to organize the physical world) will hardly develop any supernatural ability as it is contra productive when it comes to gain soul powers.

This is just an example how you can collect soul power. If you control your sexual desires over a long time period you will easily realize how your supernatural abilities develop. As it is harder for man than for women (but it differs from person to person anyway) to live in caste the gain of succeeding and mastering this longing will be much greater for man than for women.

I want people to understand that not sex is bad or the reason you go to hell (rather the consequences are the evil results if not in order), but more that controlling the DESIRE let you gain spiritual powers (or soul powers) needed to develop your higher senses and you spiritual eyes.
(Same with food and other longings you seem to need so much).

To 3)
Feelings of love, deeds of love (and I mean real love in the sense of the Buddha and Jesus Christ – who shows the greatest example of love, and not the sick, jealous love for your partner) are food to develop those senses which are needed in order to enter the spiritual worlds.

So somebody who wishes you a good day or does you a compliment without any expectation shows you more love than the mentioned jealousy.
Besides to forgive somebodies fault too is a sign of great love and you gain more than you forgive.

Well the Giant teachers knew it all – but couldn’t teach it to everybody so they might see …… so they might believe – which is a very important step. Maybe because the results of their teaching is also something you can’t see with your physical eyes and is hidden for you in order to learn and develop you own self in the school of the physical world.

Ahhh here it is again …… faith …. Believe….

Ok let me tell you this:

If somebody is blind and he ask you about the world: What is the Sun, what color has the grass, how does water looks like?

How you gonna explain it to him/her as you can’t relate it to other senses he/she might have
The sun is warm – the color is yellow – it is hanging on the sky ….. ?

And even if you are very creative with your words – wouldn’t you think that the blind might create a totally different picture in his physical mind – based on the totally different experiences he had ?

But as you can see and he not, you seem to be right. Maybe he says he doesn’t believe you – which sounds obscure to you, as you can see. He can ask others who can see if there are somebody willing to explain it to him, but he still can choose not to believe which might sound absurd to them too.

The same is it with spiritual matters and spiritual eyes.

As for the people in trouble I want to add that your pain, thinking of suicide and other depressions and stress are phases where your life plan aims at developing spiritual strength and soul power which are so much needed once you are dying.

In those times you have to be aware that they are very special for you and that you are developing. The most gain you will receive if you keep going, rejoicing and accepting it – even if it hurts so much deep in your soul where it will stay for a while. If you succeed with a well planed daily life although keeping this pain the result will be very, very valuable and you will reach a higher level to mastership.

Loneliness is one of those experience which we all have go through once we are dieing. Those who master this feelings already go through it with ease. You have to master all those phases whether you advance in you superhuman abilities alive or once you are death. If you – for example kill yourself - you have failed. Never forget, it is Your higher self, who works on you and brought you (with a plan) in exactly the situation you are in. So keep going to succeed, heed a little of my advice and study the teaching of the GIANTS.


It is popular belief that graveyards are closely connected with ghost hauntings. Other sites include hospitals, old palaces, abandoned houses, old buildings, factories, schools and hostels. Museums also have anecdotal accounts of ghosts.

Historians disclose that most Malay villagers in the 19th century avoided treatment in the hospitals. Apart from the fear of being confined in a strange institution, the villagers also feared the malignant souls of the dead patients. laters contemporary reseach in Hong Kong reveals that hospitals are common ghost haunted sites.

In Hong Kong most ghost encounters in buildings occupied by the Japanese in World War II. In Malaysia, execution sites were abound with ghost stories. In Singapore, Japanese ghost appear as hairy monsters. The phenomenon in conjunction with the Japanese occupation during the World War II illustrated the belief in ghost emanating from violent death.

Ghost are believed to be attracted to abandoned houses. However, the motive of the haunted house shows a distinct cultural variation in the Malay-Indonesian Archipelago. One theory holds that houses and palaces are always identified with their occupants. An unoccupied residence is considered an abnormality and once abandoned, the house itself became ehauntedii.

Haunted site also include locations where sudden or accidental death occurred. The hantu pelak is a malignant spirit that haunts a place where a crime has beeb committed. The Chinese feared the place where drowning occurred. It is believed that a victim of drowning will remain on this earth as an evil ghost for he is blocked from reincarnation process. The ghost could only be released by drowning someone else to take its place as a substitute.

In Malaysia, outbreaks of hysteria have always occurred at factories, hostels and schools. As the phenomenon is generally associated with young girls, psychologists offer Freudian explanations. On the other hand, traditional healers and shaman identify this phenomena as a spirit possession and counsel spirit appeasement. In Bali, shamanistic healers known as balian are regularly engaged to deal with this phenomenon at schools.

The most haunted Asian city is considered to be Singapore, offering an array of haunted spots to explore. At the Hougang School, strange lights have been seen, which can be located close to the East Coast Beach. An unseen presence has been reported at the Changi Beach Houses. Along the coastal region near Lor Halus, there are ghosts that have been encountered, who will beg for food.

The St. John Island in Singapore has been the site where a ghost calls out for help, disappearing shortly after. An apparition of a screaming woman has been documented haunting the Hou Gang Tenements. If you ever venture through the MRT mass transit station, you may come in contact with a headless apparition that often torments passengers. The Fort Sentosa district is known for a family that committed suicide together and now haunts people at the Punggol White House.

In Hong Kong, there is a highway that has gained a reputation as being haunted. The Tuen Mun Road is known for a high death toll that is attributed to ghosts who wander about the area. They pop up out of nowhere, causing numerous accidents. Many have lost their life on this expressway. Beijing?s Buma Inn, found in China, is haunted by a ghost, who lost his life because a chef poisoned his food. The chef then stabbed himself to death after the incident. It is said that the diner still roams about in search for the chef who killed him.

Another haunted location within China is in Chengde, where you will find Yun Shan Fan Dian, which is a hotel that is said to be haunted by a man dressed in western clothes. The ghost of a woman wearing an empress outfit from ancient times accompanies him. They can be found wandering about the end of the corridor on the 8th story. They can be spotted looking down the balcony.

When you reach Seoul, Korea, you may want to stop by the University of Seoul. Here, you will find tales regarding what can be encountered within some of the older dorms. It is said that there are numerous souls belonging to the living dead, as well as several poltergeists. It is believed that depending on whom you are in contact with, you could either be helped or bothered by these souls. Some dorms are filled with a sweet smell while others feature an unnerving scent.

In Malaysia, there is the Tambun Inn located in Ipoh, which has documentation regarding lights turning on and off within the inn, as well as the odd sound of whispers. In the area, there is also a ghost of an old woman that can be seen on the side of the road while driving. Sometimes the door at the Kellies Castle in Perak opens on its own, where inside plenty of frightening screams can be heard.

Other haunted locations include: University of Pancasila, as well as the Jakarta History Museum in Jakarta; a 2-story house, referred to as Sector W, Defense Housing Society, found in Lahore in Pakistan; the Xinhai Tunnel in Taipei, Taiwan.


My name is Dean and I am 16 years old and I was born with a third eye. The third eye runs weakly in my family, most just being occasionally aware of spiritual presences (scent of candles or cemetery flowers), but not always.

I, on the other hand, was born with the innate ability to sense them and physically see them and occasionally speak with them. I have been seeing ghosts me entire sixteen years of living, my yaya even mentioned that as a baby and toddler I used to play with some unseen person. Though, I’m only going to talk about one particular ghost… a very special ghost.

The first time I saw this ghost was during grade four, and it was by my peripheral vision where I saw her black hair and the hem of her white dress. I would see her everywhere, in school, at the road, outside the window while the car was moving, etc.

The first time I ever caught glimpse of her face was late in the school year of grade four. My cousin and I were playing “wrestling” and when I was slammed on the bed, I turned to get up and saw her standing beside the bed within my arm’s reach looking down at me. She looked Chinese or Chinita and wore a white dress and had long black hair. She only lasted for a second and disappeared. I told my cousins and we decided to sleep downstairs that day.

After that incident I began seeing her more frequently and often times she would whisper in my ear whenever I would nearly have an accident. I began to think that she was a guardian angel. I mean, the white could have fooled anyone.

It wasn’t until grade seven when I began to doubt. In 7th grade I was bullied by my classmates and when I was alone in my room hating my life and the world, I would speak out loud thinking that she’d listen and hear me. She never actually materialized and sat down to talk to me but my bullies one by one got injured. They said things such as someone pushed them down the stairs or pushed the knife off the counter or tripped them while they ran.

I knew it could have been my so called “angel” who was doing it but I didn’t mention anything. The bullies were getting angrier with each injury and were taking it out on me, when my “angel” would pay them back for what they did to me.

It wasn’t until one of the bullies got into a car accident because the wheel of their car “wouldn’t turn” when I finally got scared. I begged her to stop and she did. I was sure that she wasn’t an angel so I began researching on the topic and my theories include her being a Shikigami (Japanese mythology speaks about spirit guardians that can be commanded by their masters), or worse a succubus (female demon).

To this day I don’t ESSLknow what she is, but I do know there is still a pretty teenaged Chinita girl who appears to me everywhere, someone who whispers in my ear to save me from accidents, and someone who deals with my enemies for me when I ask them to. If anyone can tell me what she is…it would be great.

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