X'mas 2008 in Singapore Orchard Road

Singapore Orchard Road is the best place to do your shopping. A very popular n should never miss shopping paradize. During festive seasons almost all the shopping malls there will put up decors. Those who have never been to Singapore can have a good look at the place now.


3115710618_1270b4015c_m.jpg 3115710760_df9f033232_m.jpg

3124063633_72b67f52ee_m.jpg 3103431681_aca7914a0f_m.jpg

3041235046_b7d979771e_m.jpg 3041232066_156852e0ce_m.jpg

2037535140_8affbb026b_m.jpg Takashimaya Singapore

There you go. Hope you like that. Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Happy New Year!!!

Nice photo shot, like the one with the white lighting, looks like snowing.. As SG doesn't have snow sight... v-238

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