The "Slapping Spirit" Incident by Sonny A.K

One of the most common taboos found amongst many races in Singapore today is the belief that food, especially MEAT should not be transported at night, more during the witching hour. To do so would be to attract the evil spirits that roam the night and maybe even to incur their warth or displeasure.

Another foolish superstition, you say? Well, i used to think so too. But not anymore. Not after what happened to me.

A few years back, my younger brother was laid up in the hospital with some abdominal pains. As we lived near the hospital, i would occasionally bring him food from home or his favourite eating places. I mean that is the least i can do for the poor boy, considering the kind of food they serve in hospitals.

Well anyway, one night i bought him satay, his favourite dish. We sat in his room watching T.V and chatting and before i knew it, it was already midnight.

There were some left overs and i decided to bring them home wit h me.

As it was pretty late, i thought i might take a short cut past the mortuary.

As i walked past the mortuary, i felt a chill in my bones. The place was dark n silent, really eerie. The hairs on the back of my neck pricked. I got the sensation that someone was watching me, following me from behind.

When i turned around, no one was there. I was all alone. I got nervous, my breathing grew heavy as i quickened my pace. Only the crickets shrill cry filled the cold night air.

Suddenly, i heard someone called out my name in a deep whisper. I whirled around...

With a tremendous force i was struck a blow, right across my face. It sent me reeling to the ground. When i lookd up, there was no one there. The place was deserted.

I scrambled to my feet, still clutching the satay in my right hand and ran for dear life, not daring to look back.

The next morning when i woke, i found a bruise in the shape of a palm on my left cheek, where i had recieved the blow. From now on, whenever i have to handle meat, late at night, i will always carry a nail, charcoal and a lemon to ward off any evil spirits that might be out roaming the night.

For your info, this is satay that the story mentioned about. There are beef, chicken n mutton accompanied with peanut sauce. It's a very popular local dish in Singapore.



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