"Soy sauce" soda

Japanese can now enjoy "Soy sauce" soda


Cheerio, a Japanese soft drink brand known for its fruity flavors, has just released an orange-flavored soda that's been packaged to resemble a bottle of soy sauce. Walking through one of the convenience stores in our Harajuku neighborhood, I did a double-take after seeing the product in one of the refrigerated display cases, sitting next to usual array of carbonated drinks, bottled waters and teas.

It's obviously a gimmick, obviously targeting kids, who can enjoy shocking their parents and friends when they take a big gulp out of what looks to be a soy sauce bottle—something that would likely induce immediate retching if done for real. The display case at the convenience store was plastered with warnings such as: "This is not soy sauce. Do not drink attempt to drink real soy sauce."

If you're wondering what the product is resting upon in the above picture, click the image for a closer look. You'll notice that the little containers are shaped like fish. These piscine bottles are normally filled with single portions of soy sauce and are frequently found in bento, Japanese-style lunch boxes.

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