Paranormal Enounters In My Life From Age Three and Up by Jasmin

First Off I'd like to say that, I am no longer bothered and that most ghosts fear me now days. I go to church so now days I believe all ghosts are demons although they take many forms.

My first paranormal tale of many starts when I was three years old. We had moved into a gray building into the basement suite. On my first night I saw two big glowing eyes. I screamed and I told my mom and mom's boyfriend (now step dad) about it. They looked, but when they left it came back. After five screams and coming in five times they looked around and I got to sleep in their bed. This happened every night. My parents thought something in my closet must make this, they kept showing me all this junk and of course it was not it.

After a while my dad would yell at me and tell me I'd be grounded if I kept screaming. One night, although I can't remember, my mom told me I ran out crying and peed on the floor. Then another time I thought I was locked in my room and peed into a toy box. I'm not too sure why she never bothered to tell me about my night terrors until I was older, like six.

I was not the only one that had weird things happen with family members and the other not remember it. One night my mom came to my room and called me three times, "Jasmine..., Jasmine... Jasmine!" I looked to see my mom with something funny about her eyes (not sure what though). She told me that there were monsters in the home and I was to come to her room (the eyes still glowed, but she could not see them from the door frame).

As soon as I got out of bed she did a 180 and went to her room. My socks slipped on the wood floors and I ran to keep up! She walked so fast, did a sharp turn into her bedroom and when I got in she was asleep in her bed and tucked in! The next morning she told me I screamed in the night and she told me to come to bed with her (the story from her changes each time you ask her).

The red eyes, after having many staring contests, (he won, he never blinked). I noticed he was on a face of a bull. Then after a few months I noticed the horns and nose ring and the wrinkles on the bulls nose and then the shoulders, chest and arms. He was all black and he had pack on packs much like a "Mr. Universe" and he came under the long metal clothes hanger (so about 5-ish?). The odd part is it was only at night, in the same corner and when I was the only one who could see it. The corner in the closet made you feel sick even in the day but you never saw a thing with day light. I did see a shadow claw that never moved there too when I coved my eyes with my blanket (how I feel asleep there). I never did see it move or find out what made the shadow.

Then we moved, into a gray house. It was creepy but nothing ever happened there, and then we moved again, into a creepy green basement. After many years we moved into a brown building in "Bank View Calgary". This had a native ghost that passed from the sink to the threshold of my room. Before my mom went to bed he did it from the hall door to my door and then when all was in bed but me it came from the kitchen sink to my door frame and back all night long. I thought it was the pipes until I noticed, at age 12, it coincided with mom going to bed and shutting the bedroom door!

This was the house that had the brain lab, demon bugs, and the light bright lights, which I wrote in my reply to "Sparkles Imaginary Friend".

Then we moved to the creepiest home ever (at this point I went to church when the rest of the family did not). I never saw anything here. It was creepy and I'd get so scared in the basement I could not move, I just could tell that someone was stabbed there and the body was dragged from one side to the other and then behind the stairs. The basement had a bad smell and my mom told me years later (when the fear of the fact had left) that she, when in the basement, felt as though she was stabbed and ran up the stairs and would not go into the basement any more, It even hurt so much that when we moved out after a short time there that it still hurt her.

Then we moved twice in one complex and although the hall was scary and I thought I might have seen something, I will dismiss it because I never saw anything clearly and only out of corners and thus I validated them as untrue. Then we moved into my grandma and grandpa's place, nothing ever happened there other then when a deliverance episode. of Kenneth Copeland Ministries was on and he cast all demons out and I heard a shrill scream from the wall and in fact from that spot I saw a small blob of dark, blackness go into me.

Then me moved many more times (we moved a lot sorry). We moved into a place called Avenue Towers (they have changed the name now). There bags would squish in with foot prints, paper smooshed in, the bed sank down like someone was there, the closet rapped all night and I had sleep paralysis many times when I just ignored it something happened that I would rather not talk about. Items would turn on by themself, and toys would be replaced when I turned my back and then turned back to the item.

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