Superstitions Stories by Lawrence Teo

Ever since when i was a kid, i have held on to alot of superstitions. One of them was when urinating in an open public place like against the wall or into some bushes, one must always say "excuse me" to show respect to whatever spirit that maybe passing.

One Saturday night, i was drinking at the Marine Parade Hawker Centre with a bunch of colleagues. At the end of the session, we headed off to the carpark where we parked our cars. One of my collegue decided then that he needed to relieve himself. Too lazy to go to the public toilet, he went off to do it in the bushes. I called out " don't forget to say Excuse Me!"

He asked me what if he didn't do so. I did not know but i assured him that it'd be something terrible. He just laughed and said " HA! I don't believe a word of it!" Then he turned to the bushes to do what he had to do.

Suddenly his expression changed to horror when the bush he was aiming at rustled violently and a huge, dark figure emerged!

It was a policeman who ahd been taking a nap on a break of his rounds...........

Chanel: Interesting and weird...... Do policemen do that? I mean sleeping in the bushes? That is mental.

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はじめまして. わたしわChanelです. よろしく おねがいします.
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Meeting M.

Smelling romantic is one of my weired habit. Even my bedroom smell of roses. I use Rose fragrance essiential oil, Rose perfume for my pillows, bedsheets and blanket. LoL. Anyway, there is one particular American sitcom that i really love and have the whole collection too. I've been rewatching them for 4 years now. It's called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They are so funny that i always suffer stomach and face cramp from laughing. I have linked the Episodes here to share with you guys. So if you wanna have really good laughs, watch it.
Hope that everyone will enjoy their stay here. CHILL!!!


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