The Sleep Paralysis Nightmare by Zoe

Help me! I am only 12 and I had sleep paralysis last night for the first time ever.

In my dream, it was early morning and I was sleeping in my bed. I woke up suddenly. I tried to roll over in the position that I sleep in. (I was on my back and tried to roll on my hip.) But, my body would not move. I tried to roll over again and I figured out that I was stuck.

Then, I heard my floor creak as if someone or something big was walking in my room. (My flooring is different from any of the rest of the house.) All of a sudden, my TV switched on. I thought that It was an electrical thing so I kind of ignored it. Suddenly, my remote to the TV started floating like someone had picked it up. Whatever it was that was doing this was flipping through the channels on the guide.

I tried to call for my parents, but my voice would not work. All I could get out was an inaudible squeak. I remember thinking in my dream that “This is either a poltergeist or a demon”. I have had other paranormal experiences in my room and I am really, really freaked out. I pray frequently and believe in God strongly.

Thank you for reading and anyone who can help me and answer any questions, please do. I am also psychic if that helps.

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Smelling romantic is one of my weired habit. Even my bedroom smell of roses. I use Rose fragrance essiential oil, Rose perfume for my pillows, bedsheets and blanket. LoL. Anyway, there is one particular American sitcom that i really love and have the whole collection too. I've been rewatching them for 4 years now. It's called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They are so funny that i always suffer stomach and face cramp from laughing. I have linked the Episodes here to share with you guys. So if you wanna have really good laughs, watch it.
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