My name is Dean and I am 16 years old and I was born with a third eye. The third eye runs weakly in my family, most just being occasionally aware of spiritual presences (scent of candles or cemetery flowers), but not always.

I, on the other hand, was born with the innate ability to sense them and physically see them and occasionally speak with them. I have been seeing ghosts me entire sixteen years of living, my yaya even mentioned that as a baby and toddler I used to play with some unseen person. Though, I’m only going to talk about one particular ghost… a very special ghost.

The first time I saw this ghost was during grade four, and it was by my peripheral vision where I saw her black hair and the hem of her white dress. I would see her everywhere, in school, at the road, outside the window while the car was moving, etc.

The first time I ever caught glimpse of her face was late in the school year of grade four. My cousin and I were playing “wrestling” and when I was slammed on the bed, I turned to get up and saw her standing beside the bed within my arm’s reach looking down at me. She looked Chinese or Chinita and wore a white dress and had long black hair. She only lasted for a second and disappeared. I told my cousins and we decided to sleep downstairs that day.

After that incident I began seeing her more frequently and often times she would whisper in my ear whenever I would nearly have an accident. I began to think that she was a guardian angel. I mean, the white could have fooled anyone.

It wasn’t until grade seven when I began to doubt. In 7th grade I was bullied by my classmates and when I was alone in my room hating my life and the world, I would speak out loud thinking that she’d listen and hear me. She never actually materialized and sat down to talk to me but my bullies one by one got injured. They said things such as someone pushed them down the stairs or pushed the knife off the counter or tripped them while they ran.

I knew it could have been my so called “angel” who was doing it but I didn’t mention anything. The bullies were getting angrier with each injury and were taking it out on me, when my “angel” would pay them back for what they did to me.

It wasn’t until one of the bullies got into a car accident because the wheel of their car “wouldn’t turn” when I finally got scared. I begged her to stop and she did. I was sure that she wasn’t an angel so I began researching on the topic and my theories include her being a Shikigami (Japanese mythology speaks about spirit guardians that can be commanded by their masters), or worse a succubus (female demon).

To this day I don’t ESSLknow what she is, but I do know there is still a pretty teenaged Chinita girl who appears to me everywhere, someone who whispers in my ear to save me from accidents, and someone who deals with my enemies for me when I ask them to. If anyone can tell me what she is…it would be great.



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はじめまして. わたしわChanelです. よろしく おねがいします.
Name: Chanel or Ai (愛)
Country: Singapore
D.O.B: 23 March (Aries)
Blood: B
Height: 170cm
Cigarette: Sempoerna
Colour: Baby colors, Black, Red
Hobby: Reading & Web Surfing
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Flowers: Pink n White Roses
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Perfume: Bvlgari Original or Rose
Shampoo: Kose's Precious Rose
Condtioner: Kose's Precious Rose
Body Soap: Kose's Precious Rose
Man: Daddy & M.
Woman: Mom, Sis, Celine & Shirley
Wish: Moving to Japan,
Meeting M.

Smelling romantic is one of my weired habit. Even my bedroom smell of roses. I use Rose fragrance essiential oil, Rose perfume for my pillows, bedsheets and blanket. LoL. Anyway, there is one particular American sitcom that i really love and have the whole collection too. I've been rewatching them for 4 years now. It's called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They are so funny that i always suffer stomach and face cramp from laughing. I have linked the Episodes here to share with you guys. So if you wanna have really good laughs, watch it.
Hope that everyone will enjoy their stay here. CHILL!!!


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