It is popular belief that graveyards are closely connected with ghost hauntings. Other sites include hospitals, old palaces, abandoned houses, old buildings, factories, schools and hostels. Museums also have anecdotal accounts of ghosts.

Historians disclose that most Malay villagers in the 19th century avoided treatment in the hospitals. Apart from the fear of being confined in a strange institution, the villagers also feared the malignant souls of the dead patients. laters contemporary reseach in Hong Kong reveals that hospitals are common ghost haunted sites.

In Hong Kong most ghost encounters in buildings occupied by the Japanese in World War II. In Malaysia, execution sites were abound with ghost stories. In Singapore, Japanese ghost appear as hairy monsters. The phenomenon in conjunction with the Japanese occupation during the World War II illustrated the belief in ghost emanating from violent death.

Ghost are believed to be attracted to abandoned houses. However, the motive of the haunted house shows a distinct cultural variation in the Malay-Indonesian Archipelago. One theory holds that houses and palaces are always identified with their occupants. An unoccupied residence is considered an abnormality and once abandoned, the house itself became ehauntedii.

Haunted site also include locations where sudden or accidental death occurred. The hantu pelak is a malignant spirit that haunts a place where a crime has beeb committed. The Chinese feared the place where drowning occurred. It is believed that a victim of drowning will remain on this earth as an evil ghost for he is blocked from reincarnation process. The ghost could only be released by drowning someone else to take its place as a substitute.

In Malaysia, outbreaks of hysteria have always occurred at factories, hostels and schools. As the phenomenon is generally associated with young girls, psychologists offer Freudian explanations. On the other hand, traditional healers and shaman identify this phenomena as a spirit possession and counsel spirit appeasement. In Bali, shamanistic healers known as balian are regularly engaged to deal with this phenomenon at schools.

The most haunted Asian city is considered to be Singapore, offering an array of haunted spots to explore. At the Hougang School, strange lights have been seen, which can be located close to the East Coast Beach. An unseen presence has been reported at the Changi Beach Houses. Along the coastal region near Lor Halus, there are ghosts that have been encountered, who will beg for food.

The St. John Island in Singapore has been the site where a ghost calls out for help, disappearing shortly after. An apparition of a screaming woman has been documented haunting the Hou Gang Tenements. If you ever venture through the MRT mass transit station, you may come in contact with a headless apparition that often torments passengers. The Fort Sentosa district is known for a family that committed suicide together and now haunts people at the Punggol White House.

In Hong Kong, there is a highway that has gained a reputation as being haunted. The Tuen Mun Road is known for a high death toll that is attributed to ghosts who wander about the area. They pop up out of nowhere, causing numerous accidents. Many have lost their life on this expressway. Beijing?s Buma Inn, found in China, is haunted by a ghost, who lost his life because a chef poisoned his food. The chef then stabbed himself to death after the incident. It is said that the diner still roams about in search for the chef who killed him.

Another haunted location within China is in Chengde, where you will find Yun Shan Fan Dian, which is a hotel that is said to be haunted by a man dressed in western clothes. The ghost of a woman wearing an empress outfit from ancient times accompanies him. They can be found wandering about the end of the corridor on the 8th story. They can be spotted looking down the balcony.

When you reach Seoul, Korea, you may want to stop by the University of Seoul. Here, you will find tales regarding what can be encountered within some of the older dorms. It is said that there are numerous souls belonging to the living dead, as well as several poltergeists. It is believed that depending on whom you are in contact with, you could either be helped or bothered by these souls. Some dorms are filled with a sweet smell while others feature an unnerving scent.

In Malaysia, there is the Tambun Inn located in Ipoh, which has documentation regarding lights turning on and off within the inn, as well as the odd sound of whispers. In the area, there is also a ghost of an old woman that can be seen on the side of the road while driving. Sometimes the door at the Kellies Castle in Perak opens on its own, where inside plenty of frightening screams can be heard.

Other haunted locations include: University of Pancasila, as well as the Jakarta History Museum in Jakarta; a 2-story house, referred to as Sector W, Defense Housing Society, found in Lahore in Pakistan; the Xinhai Tunnel in Taipei, Taiwan.



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