The Typewritter by Rudy Martin


Summary: Electric typewriter carriage moved by itself. Deep voice heard.

This incident, which I will never forget, happened sometime in 1970. I was working for an engineering office at the time. I came from my office on the other side of the compound and entered this administrative office to see and talk to one of the staff. Everyone had left to lunch so I sat for a while, trying to decide whether to sit longer and wait or leave and call for a meeting with that person later. I decided to leave. As I was walking past one of the tables, the carriage of the electric typewriter sitting on it suddenly and by itself shifted to the left, then back to its neutral position on the right. Out of curiosity, I tinkered a little bit with the typewriter to see why it moved by itself. I confirmed to myself that there were only two things that could move the carriage to the left: depress the tab key or depress the space bar. The carriage could return to its neutral right position only by hand. Could there have been an electrical malfunction? I watched for a little bit longer to see what else the typewriter would be doing. It stood as still as it should, and did nothing!

As I was about to leave the door, I was making a mental note so I wouldn't forget to call this person later but I just couldn't remember his name. I had worked with him as one of the staff too long to forget his name. In fact, I definitely was planning to see this person by name when I entered the office. But at this point I just couldn't remember it no matter how hard I tried. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice say the name of the person. It was a very deep, low-toned mellow voice (just like a distant deep low tone thunder). This incident happened on the day of the Equinox.

Chanel: He should be grateful that the typewritter didn't go flying in his face.




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Smelling romantic is one of my weired habit. Even my bedroom smell of roses. I use Rose fragrance essiential oil, Rose perfume for my pillows, bedsheets and blanket. LoL. Anyway, there is one particular American sitcom that i really love and have the whole collection too. I've been rewatching them for 4 years now. It's called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They are so funny that i always suffer stomach and face cramp from laughing. I have linked the Episodes here to share with you guys. So if you wanna have really good laughs, watch it.
Hope that everyone will enjoy their stay here. CHILL!!!


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