As for those who are interested to learn about the Spiritual world and levels of demons and deities, I thought I put a little humble knowledge together to let readers understand about those subjects.

1. In order to open the third eye (and my goal is not to show you exactly how) you have to develop spiritual- or soul-power.

It is amazing how normal life is prepared to do exactly this.

As many people who are desperate, in depression and hardship or even in danger to commit suicide are looking in this forum for a supernatural answer to their questions I have to tell the following clear and strict.

Basic live duties are the most needed basis to gain supernatural powers!
So do them with love and devotion.

For example it is better for people in such desperate situations ( beside sitting and chanting mantras for not more than 10 – 30 min) to hark a field or to cut grass, or doing maths – rather to sit all day long and to think all day about spiritual matters, Guman Tong and doing strange exercise.


There are dangers on the path to supernatural life and they are called delusion, fantasizing, loosing touch to physical realities and …. well … hospitalizing.

As it is important for the physical body which is alive and a tool on earth and used for physical or strict logic mental work – to find put itself in deep sleep and regain powers for the next daily task, so important is it for your soul (spirit) to be as lively in daily tasks and to forget about spiritual worlds in order to raise form there in the time you sit for meditation to the higher realities.

So how do you know what is seeing and what is fantasy or a blurred vision?
(This only somebody can answer who has already experienced those higher – lower worlds).

My own experience is that this other reality is always around us and once you see and explore it – it is as real as you normal real life and you realize that it always has been there/here.

The best picture to describe it is, imagine there are two pages of a book you concentrate on.

So you can read and see the front of page one (that is real life once you are awake).
You can watch the backside of page two (this is once you are in deep sleep).

Unfortunately those two pages are glued a little to getter and once you get them apart the next spiritual world which we can experience is exactly between those two pages we are aware of.

what I mean is - once you experience yourself in the other dimension of that worlds you are not sleeping although you might not be able to move your body, and you are not awake although you eyes might be open and you are acting and thinking like you are awake.

Once the glue looses and they open you can see and understand many of the secrets they hold.

So for the case people might think I just write bollocks here and for nonbelievers who might say: “Where are your proof ?”, “I don’t believe if I can’t see it for myself”, “… this is irrational” - I have to say the following:

Well let me take an example out of Physics:

All matter is constructed with an atomic structure …. ?!
An atom (depending on the base matter you are choosing) consist of a core and electrons surrounding that core. They are loaded and give the whole structure its stability ….. which differs ……

Do you believe me?

Well I didn’t explain it to scientific … but you once you have heard it at school have no doubt about that it might be so. Or how about the planets, the black holes and that stuff – the aether theory for using radio waves?

So why in the case of this examples - as you can’t see them with your eyes either, or as you (or I) have not the ability to proof it if our IQ is not high enough – is easier to BELIEVE than spiritual stuff? ?

Well you believe in the abilities of the master of their subject: Einstein, Bohr, Hawkins.

Many say: ” Ahhh spiritual stuff is based on faith alone and there are no proofs.
So please know that there too are masters of their subject and those who indeed experienced and know very well about the laws of the spiritual world.

Now how to explain all those matters?

For that you have to know that it is much harder to do than it is with the laws about our physical world because the most people are “blind” and the senses which are necessary to gain are very much undeveloped.

As the children have to learn basic mathematics and logic thinking and work very hard before they even come close to understand higher physics –in the same way the spiritual student has to develop the abilities in order to gain higher knowledge.

And for those he has to develop spiritual powers, like we develop brainpower in the time we study.

The rules leading down the spiritual road are easy heard and given by masters in many different ways and religions, but harder understood, and hardest to be followed as they are totally different from the physical world rules. ( and more the opposite) and the physical/material gains are less classed.

This is meant with the danger of the unbalance of our modern world with all its conflicts.

Here are few examples which I pick out as they are most commonly known.
(Of course you can’t introduce or do a whole seminar in this way but my goal is just to rach out for a basic understanding why this is so hard to do, or why it is so hard to answer supernatural questions)

1. admiration and no critics
2. sexual desires
3. love

to 1)
The first seed in the soul of a spiritual pupil is developed by the Holy feeling of true admiration of a teacher or knowledge. It’s just like that and people with critical thinking (which is of course very much necessary in order to organize the physical world) will hardly develop any supernatural ability as it is contra productive when it comes to gain soul powers.

This is just an example how you can collect soul power. If you control your sexual desires over a long time period you will easily realize how your supernatural abilities develop. As it is harder for man than for women (but it differs from person to person anyway) to live in caste the gain of succeeding and mastering this longing will be much greater for man than for women.

I want people to understand that not sex is bad or the reason you go to hell (rather the consequences are the evil results if not in order), but more that controlling the DESIRE let you gain spiritual powers (or soul powers) needed to develop your higher senses and you spiritual eyes.
(Same with food and other longings you seem to need so much).

To 3)
Feelings of love, deeds of love (and I mean real love in the sense of the Buddha and Jesus Christ – who shows the greatest example of love, and not the sick, jealous love for your partner) are food to develop those senses which are needed in order to enter the spiritual worlds.

So somebody who wishes you a good day or does you a compliment without any expectation shows you more love than the mentioned jealousy.
Besides to forgive somebodies fault too is a sign of great love and you gain more than you forgive.

Well the Giant teachers knew it all – but couldn’t teach it to everybody so they might see …… so they might believe – which is a very important step. Maybe because the results of their teaching is also something you can’t see with your physical eyes and is hidden for you in order to learn and develop you own self in the school of the physical world.

Ahhh here it is again …… faith …. Believe….

Ok let me tell you this:

If somebody is blind and he ask you about the world: What is the Sun, what color has the grass, how does water looks like?

How you gonna explain it to him/her as you can’t relate it to other senses he/she might have
The sun is warm – the color is yellow – it is hanging on the sky ….. ?

And even if you are very creative with your words – wouldn’t you think that the blind might create a totally different picture in his physical mind – based on the totally different experiences he had ?

But as you can see and he not, you seem to be right. Maybe he says he doesn’t believe you – which sounds obscure to you, as you can see. He can ask others who can see if there are somebody willing to explain it to him, but he still can choose not to believe which might sound absurd to them too.

The same is it with spiritual matters and spiritual eyes.

As for the people in trouble I want to add that your pain, thinking of suicide and other depressions and stress are phases where your life plan aims at developing spiritual strength and soul power which are so much needed once you are dying.

In those times you have to be aware that they are very special for you and that you are developing. The most gain you will receive if you keep going, rejoicing and accepting it – even if it hurts so much deep in your soul where it will stay for a while. If you succeed with a well planed daily life although keeping this pain the result will be very, very valuable and you will reach a higher level to mastership.

Loneliness is one of those experience which we all have go through once we are dieing. Those who master this feelings already go through it with ease. You have to master all those phases whether you advance in you superhuman abilities alive or once you are death. If you – for example kill yourself - you have failed. Never forget, it is Your higher self, who works on you and brought you (with a plan) in exactly the situation you are in. So keep going to succeed, heed a little of my advice and study the teaching of the GIANTS.



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